Verdicts & Settlements

$1.05 million - Auto Accident

Client was a passenger in a one-car accident.  The driver was drinking beer while operating the automobile.  The car went off the road, leading to a crash.  The client suffered a tear of the trachea in the crash and almost lost his life.  He was life-flighted to the hospital in a coma.  The client recovered from this accident.  His permanent condition was that he had difficulty controlling the muscles of the face and mouth, which resulted in difficulty eating and drinking liquids.  The total insurance available was $1 million from the client's policy.  The offer was only $150,000.  The matter was tried before a jury, resulting in a verdict in excess of $1 million.  Based upon the jury verdict, the insurance company paid the policy limits of $1 million and the driver's policy included the final $50,000.
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