Environmental Factors of a Car Accident

Environmental Factors of a Car Accident

Environmental Factors of a Car Accident 

One cause of the many causes of car accidents are external factors which could affect the severity and outcome of a car accident, they are identified as either mechanical errors or the uncontrollable environmental risks or factors. 

In general, environmental factors in car accidents refer to the entities contributing causes to crashes which are not charged or out of human control. Despite that, there are few types of environmental factors that are responsible for or partly makes up the whole car accident. Though, these specific crashes caused by these factors are preventable through prevention and countermeasures some tend to be negligent about it. 

In Retrospect 

Environmental phenomenon causing car accidents are evidently dangerous as estimated 50% of the crashes in a year wear accounted to slick roads, in more specifications to environmental factors, each year more than 38,700 vehicle crashes occur with foggy areas and over 600 people were killed and 16,300 people sustained injuries and almost 50% of weather-related crashes happen during rainfall. While glare is deemed a small thing on driving, studies shows that likelihood of car accidents increase by 16% when it's very sunny and glare is on and surprisingly, 9000 accidents were recorded and said related to sun glare each year. 

What to do in these weather phenomenon?

From American Automobile Association (AAA), drivers are recommended to drive slower on slick and icy roads while increasing distance from the driver he/she follows to have a considerable high braking distance to avoid rear-ended car crashes. This method doesn't only apply to rainy and/or snowy weather but also to glare as this method compensates for reduced visibility and viewing distance caused by glare. 

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