Filing a Claim for Wrongful Death of Pregnant Mother

Filing a Claim for Wrongful Death of Pregnant Mother

Filing a Claim for Wrongful Death of Pregnant Mother

Bearing a child is a mother's pure moment of happiness, as she carried the baby for months and eventually see her child after meticulous care of herself. But, oftentimes, this isn't the case as some things could go wrong for few factors. This blunders or natural occurrences could put the mother and the baby in danger in most cases and even pose the risk of permanent injury or disability and even death. Few cases of these events are result of medical malpractice.

In this blog, we have stipulated few steps to take when experiencing same narrative of this situation and how to file a legal claim and what conditions should be met before coming up to these with the hope of recovering damages through wrongful death and/or medical malpractice lawsuit. 

To file a wrongful death lawsuit, the victims' party should prove the following: 

Filing for a wrongful death is pretty technical since it is a big lawsuit and had to prove few things when doing so, some of these are:

  • The patient mother has died within the care of medical institution's professionals

  • The death of the mother was proven caused by negligence or omission by a medical professional 

  • After the death of the mother, the surviving family has suffered form of damage such as financial struggles, emotional turmoil, or support as direct result of death. 

Causes of Death of a Pregnant Woman 

There are many probable causes for a pregnant woman to be dead, it may be either natural causes or even negligence or combined (natural cause that hasn't been given proper medical response). Few mentioed below are causes of more than 75% deaths of pregnant woman:

  • severe bleeding after giving birth

  • infections developed after incisions from childbirth

  • high blood pressure during pregnancy

  • naturally occurring complications from delivery

  • unsafe abortion

When filing for a wrongful death lawsuit, victims or surviving family members are expected to receive compensation for the following damages or expenses:

  • Funeral expenses

  • Medical expenses

  • Pain and suffering

  • Loss of support

  • Lost wages

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