Slips, Trips, and Fall Injuries in Work Places

Slips, Trips, and Fall Injuries in Work Places

Slips and Falls Injuries in Work Places

Did you know that the majority of slip and fall accidents occur in work places? That's right, only 1/4 happen outside. And on top of this fact, these types of incidents are up to four times more likely to be fatal than those happening elsewhere. So if you're an employer or a worker at any type of workplace: be careful not make your workers' lives even more dangerous with slips and falls hazards around their office space. Humans are constantly in danger of slipping, tripping and tumbling. Injuries from slips or falls happen often at work places due to failure on the part of employers to provide a safe working environment for their workers. These accidents can cause serious problems. Some of its outcomes as injuries are: yhe most common injuries caused by slips, trips, and falls are musculoskeletal injuries, cuts, bruises, fractures and dislocations, but more serious injuries can also happen depending on the surrounding hazards. 

 Factors in contributing for slips, trips, and falls happen
Slips, trips and falls happen on the work place for a number of reasons. One cause is always human error. For example, you might accidentally trip over an office chair while carrying something heavy or forget to clean up spilled liquids before they become hazards that could lead someone else slipping in them as well. Other causes include worn out flooring materials such as matting which can be slippery during wet weather conditions like rainy days if not periodically checked by management staffs; poorly lit areas – some accidents have happened due to people turning incorrectly into dark corners without realizing where they are going and end up stumbling down stairs because it was too hard see clearly at night time when there were no lights turned on indoors; low light levels also make it difficult to find uneven surface and other hazards spreaded all over the place. Badly positioned stairs and fixtures with lacking warning signages which highly results in falls and trips because of multiple impedements in the way of walkage. 
How to Prevent Slips, Falls and Trips in a Work Place 
When you go to work, there are many things that can happen. One of these is slipping and tripping making a potential hazard for yourself or others around you. To minimize the chances of this happening to avoid slips trip falls on your workplace here are some tips:
  • Spills and wet spots should be immediately cleaned and if not applicable, they can be marked for people to be warned
  • Debris and other dangerous little fragments must be  putted aside as early as possible, large obstacles that might impede walking and cause trips should be placed correctly 

Worker's Compensation pay

If the employer is proven to have been negligent in matters of work related injury, then an employee victim can file a work-related injury claim and it will be granted. The worker should receive workers' compensation pay as well. If you were injured on the job due to negligence from your employer, at that point your rights would come into play for filing a workplace accident report or complaint against them with any appropriate governmental agency like OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration). And if they are found guilty of being culpable for neglecting their duty owed towards its employees under these circumstances, such cases may include receiving either benefits by way of disability/income compensations depending on what was wrongfully done during this time period where you sustained said injuries.

The employee becomes entitled to file for a work injury claim and is granted workers' compensation benefits as they are bound by law. An attorney can help you with every aspect of your recovery, from filing the paperwork to providing any source necessary in order to make sure that you have everything needed while on their way back up again.

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