Things must do after being involved in a drunk driving accident

Things must do after being involved in a drunk driving accident

Things You Should Do After Getting Hurt In A Drunk Driving Accident

Drunk driving has been a lingering predicament of the society as it is one of the leading cause of deaths around the world, according to Best Online Traffic School, there are 29 deaths daily in America alone caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. Indeed, it is such a lethal lines of accident that would pose a potential predicaments for both victims and offender. A devastating event such as a car accident would expend hefty fortunes if the offender didn't take full responsibility to the accident and causes long term- traumas to both sides, from the driver to the victims. There are some things to be done during the accident to help the yourself and the victims to alleviate and even prevent collateral damages, here are some: 

● The first thing you should do in the event of an emergency is to call police or 911. This will ensure that appropriate assistance arrives as soon as possible. If, for example, a person is bleeding heavily and needs help controlling it then you need to apply pressure with your hand or any nearby object like tissues or cloth napkins.

●Assess yourself and your surroundings and if needed, call medical attention. For the time being, apply right first aid treatment to minor injuries if managable such as applying pressure to stop bleeding / taking cover for scrapes to avoid exposures to foreign bodies. 

●Record in video or take pictures, gather as much as evidences to fortify claims, document your findings as much as possible. You can take pictures or record the evidence in video form to help you remember what happened and to show to court your claims.

●Lastly after things cooled down, pursue your rights and cases in means of getting a Personal Injury Law Firm to take assistance in legal clearings.

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