What are T-bone accidents?

What are T-bone accidents?

What are T-bone accidents?

What is a T-bone accident? It occurs when two vehicles make contact in what looks like a “T” shape from above, that's called a "t bone". A typical occurrence of this type of collision would be when someone fails to follow directions while driving through intersections with lights or stop signs but get hit by another person who does not have negligence as their only fault for the crash either way. It is of the common car accidents on busy roads causing injuries, property damage, worry not as most cases of it are not fatal on common cases but leaves significant injuries. 

T-bone Statistics

T-bone accidents are common on urban cities because of incoordination of drivers, let us see the retrospec of T-bone accidents:

  • 18% where multiple fatalities are involved in car accidents are accounted to T-bone style collisions. 
  • Of all car accidents occuring in US, 13% of them are T-bone accidents.
  • According to the National Transportation Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA), an estimated 8,000 people are killed yearly in the US with the involvement of T-bone style accidents.
  • For the past 20 years, side-impact collisions have been killing more children than before. Side impacts are responsible for 51% of all child deaths; up from 31%. Experts speculate that this is because vehicle speeds have increased and there has also been an increase in SUVs which tend to cause a larger impact on crashes.
  • 50% or half of world's total car accidents are credited to T-bone accidents. 

Common Injuries that are sustained in T-bone accidents

According to experts, T-bone accidents tend to inflict more significant damage to occupants and every individual on the side where the impact occurred. Impact are expected to be enormous because of momentum, so people inside tend to shook up or literally trembling because of vibration on the impact. Some injuries that occupants may sustain are (note that these injuries may scale depending if one wears seatbelts etc.):

  • Whiplash
  • Potential paralysis and nausea
  • Spinal injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Broken bones 

What to do in a T-bone style accident?

If you've ever been in a t-bone collision, then it's safe to say that the experience has left its mark on your psyche. Recovering from this type of accident is difficult enough as it is but there are some important steps which should be taken after or even during an incident such as these:

  • Immediately check surrounding occupants in your car and proceed to evacuating to an open space.
  • Check and assess one's current condition like checking for injuries, fractures or any injuries that can be life-threatening for you to respond accordingly to the situation. 
  • Make sure to secure important details in the scene because it will serve as your evidence as a victim and it will help you strengthen your injury claim if ever filing one. 
  • Contact police and your injury lawyer for legal proceedings. 

Filing a personal injury claim can help you to recover any losses you may have incurred as a result of your accident. After deciding to file, the next step is finding the right lawyer to represent and work with you through every aspect of your case. Ryan LLP’s Cleveland car accident lawyers team has been working on cases for over thirty years now so we know how best take care of them all- from filing suit against those responsible for what happened in order recovering damages that will cover lost wages while out injured or recouping medical expenses associated with treatment received from injuries sustained in an auto wreckage. 



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