Cleveland Rear End Accident Lawyer

Cleveland rear-end accident lawyer

Rear-end collisions can be traumatic, both financially and physically. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Our Cleveland rear-end accident lawyer at Ryan LLP has won millions of dollars in settlements for victims of rear-end auto accidents. Call (216) 600-0308 to speak with a dedicated and experienced rear-end car accident lawyer today.

Secure a Cleveland Rear-end Accident Lawyer

Secure a cleveland rear-end accident lawyer

The other driver’s insurance company will pay for your medical bills and lost income when you have the right car accident attorney. But you need to act now!

Fortunately, you’ve found us. Not only are we experienced in vehicle accidents, but our Cleveland car accident attorneys know how to get results if you have been injured or have suffered loss or damage because of a negligent driver or someone else’s wrongdoing. Contact our team of experienced car accident lawyers today to discuss your situation and learn how we can help.

Understanding Rear-end Collisions

When a driver strikes the car directly in front of them from behind, it is called a rear-end crash. They frequently happen at a stop sign, a red light, or in heavy traffic. Most rear-end collisions occur at slow speeds. However, they can happen on highways or other high-speed roads at high speeds.

Most rear-end collisions involve two vehicles. They might, however, start a chain reaction that includes other automobiles.

Causes of Rear-end Collisions

How many times have you been driving along, and then suddenly, someone slams into the back of your vehicle? It can be scary and frustrating when this happens, but it’s an easy mistake to make. Many factors can contribute to a rear-end collision, such as:

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving

Anything that diverts your attention from the road, such as texting, eating, or changing the radio station, is considered a form of distracted driving. One of the main factors in accidents involving young drivers is distracted driving, which frequently contributes to rear-end collisions.

Driving Under the Influence

Drivers who are intoxicated or impaired are another frequent cause of rear-end collisions. A driver’s capacity to make wise decisions while driving and respond quickly to unexpected stops can be affected by drugs and alcohol.

Inclement Weather

Inclement weather

Driving in the rain, snow, high wind, or inclement weather is more complex than going on a sunny summer day. Poor weather can reduce visibility and create hazardous road conditions. Rain is the most difficult for drivers. Surprisingly, rainy weather is responsible for 46% of all weather-related car accidents.

Poor Judgment

Frequently, rear-end accidents occur because of the driver in front’s poor judgment. They may decide to change lanes too quickly or slow down without signaling, which can cause accidents. Drivers who don’t pay attention or get distracted while driving can also be responsible.

Changing Lanes

Chaning lanes

Making an unsafe lane change can be as simple as changing lanes without signaling after you’ve begun the lane change. It’s also possible that you changed into a lane wherein the next car was forced to brake to make room or even braked too hard to keep a safe following distance. Unsafe lane changes can occur when you change lanes too quickly due to road conditions or the type of vehicle driven. The point is that unsafe lane changes cause Cleveland car accidents with devastating consequences.


Because the driver may not have enough time to slow down before colliding with the vehicle in front of them, speeding can occasionally result in more severe rear-end collisions. Anyone in either of the two cars involved can get hurt.

Common Injuries in Rear-end Crashes

Have you ever been in a car crash? Injuries result from rear-end collisions, and they’re not limited to whiplash. Here’s a breakdown of the most common injuries from these accidents.



Rear-end collisions account for approximately 85 percent of all car accident-related neck injuries. This discomfort could indicate a whiplash or Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD) injury. Whiplash can be treated, but even with the best care, some car accident victims will never fully recover. Whiplash, if left untreated, can lead to chronic pain and stiffness.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

Concussions, comas, brain bruising or bleeding, and puncture wounds are all examples of common traumatic brain injuries. Furthermore, head trauma can result in a cracked skull or disfigurement. Traumatic brain injuries, if left untreated, can result in permanent mental and physical disabilities, loss of body function and control, and decreased brain function. These are frequently life-threatening injuries.



During the collision, you could sustain fractured or broken bones if your body is thrown against the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, or windows. The pelvis (hip), ribs, clavicle (collar bone), femur (thigh bone), fibula, and tibia (shin bones), as well as the wrist and hand bones, are some of the bones that are most frequently fractured in a rear-end crash.


Disfigurement is a common injury from rear-end car crashes and can lead to lifelong pain and suffering. When you are involved in a rear-end collision, the force of the impact can cause your body parts to shake and bump. If your head shakes back too quickly as you hit your brakes and slam into something behind you, you could permanently damage your neck and face muscles.



Any items in a vehicle can become projectiles that can cut or bruise passengers upon impact. Broken glass, metal fragments, seatbelts, and airbags are all objects that can cause injury upon contact. Road rash can occur when something drags across the skin or when the skin drags across the pavement.

Limb Loss

According to statistics, nearly half of all people in the United States who live with a missing limb lost their limb due to a traumatic event like a car accident. Complications may include loss of mobility, infection, blood clots, muscle contractures, and “phantom limb pain.”

Costs of Rear-end Collisions

Trying to figure out how much a rear-end collision costs? Here are a few things to consider:

Car Repairs

Car repairs

Because there are so many factors, estimating rear-end collision repair costs can be difficult. A simple taillight repair can cost less than $100, but depending on the damage and the type of car you drive, your restoration could cost up to $10,000. In some cases, it is not worth repairing the car, especially if severe structural damage is severe.

Medical Costs

Following a car accident, an ambulance ride to the emergency room typically costs $900. The average cost of an ER visit is $3,300, and the average hospital stay after a car accident is $57,000.

Property Damage

Property damage

A car accident can cause significant cosmetic and mechanical damage to a vehicle. The car’s actual cash value (ACV) will be crucial. If the cost of repairs is less than the car’s ACV, an insurance company will almost certainly agree to pay for them. However, the car’s actual value will decrease with a crash on its record. If the cost of repairs exceeds the ACV of the vehicle, the insurer will almost certainly agree to pay the ACV. You can keep the car and the salvage title if you pay the salvage value.

Assigning Fault in Rear-end Collision Cases

In a rear-end collision, it is assumed that the trailing vehicle is typically at fault. Undoubtedly, the driver who hit them from behind caused the accident when they had to stop at a stoplight.

Comparative fault issues may arise when there are multiple impacts in a rear-end collision. One car hits another, propelled forward to hit another. In that circumstance, there may be arguments on both sides for comparative fault. Still, an experienced attorney could compile evidence to establish who was primarily at fault for the accident.

A Cleveland car accident lawyer could obtain the police report to help establish responsibility. If the police were called, the information should be clear that the driver who struck the stopped car was at fault. The at-fault driver would be assigned responsibility. To establish liability, the attorney should speak with the insurance adjuster and give them the police report if they don’t already have one.

Statute of Limitations in a Rear-end Auto Accident Case

You have two years from the date your cause of action accrues to file a personal injury claim under Ohio Law. In most instances, the cause of action arises on the date of the accident. It is because your injuries were immediately apparent following the accident, even if it takes time to determine the extent of your injuries.

However, there are situations where your cause of action arises after the date of the accident. If you did not realize you got injured until days or weeks later, the date of your diagnosis is likely when the statute of limitations begins running.

Advantages of Working With a Rear-end Car Accident Lawyer

Advantages of working with a rear-end car accident lawyer

There are many reasons why it’s crucial to have the assistance of a rear-end car accident lawyer after you get involved in a crash. These reasons include the following:

Increase the Odds That Your Insurance Claim Will Succeed

First of all, insurance companies want to settle claims quickly and easily. They are in business to make money, and their goal is to pay as little out as possible and get as much from policyholders. A lawyer knows how insurance companies operate and can use that knowledge to protect you from problems.

Improve Your Chances When Negotiating

An experienced lawyer can negotiate if your insurer threatens to drop you or raise your rates. If your insurance company tries to give you less than what you deserve, the lawyer can negotiate with them on your behalf until they agree to pay the correct amount.

You Can Focus On Healing

Working with a rear-end car accident lawyer makes dealing with car wrecks much easier. If you got hurt in a rear-end collision, it’s likely that you’re injured and have to deal with all sorts of recovery.

In this situation, it’s best to focus on healing and leave the legal details to the attorney. It means not having to worry about dealing directly with insurance companies or gathering evidence for your case. Instead, you can focus on getting better while taking care of whatever needs you may have concerning your property damage or lost wages due to time off from work.

Pursue Your Claim in Court

If you can’t reach an agreement or believe you’re entitled to more money than the insurance company offered, you will want to pursue your claim in court. When you do so, you must work with a rear-end car accident lawyer who can help you through this process and protect your rights. Talk to a rear-end car accident lawyer today about what steps to take next.

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Rear-end accident lawyers

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