Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among involved in a car accident

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among involved in a car accident

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among involved in a car accident

Car accidents are given stressful even from someone who have just witness a car accident and stressful is an understatement coming from someone who have just experienced a car accident. There are many sprouting emotions and mental phenomenon that could be felt before, during, and especially after an accident. According to people who have first-handedly experienced car accident, mood swings that translates to anger up to guilt is experienced, the anxiety and breakdowns also manifests at some point following an accident. At extreme extent, disrupted sleeping patterns may develop and nightmares are experienced too, the consideration of phobias of riding or seeing a car is also possible too. 

According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), traffic collisions and crashes are leading caused of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among american citizens as 39.2% of all traffic collisions and crashes survivors have developed PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has a long history run among citizens but hasn't been medically recognized not until the 1970s after few wars. Since then, PTSD has been found out and widely common among people that time and explained that it was caused by various traumatic events not only the series of years of wars. 

From such context, it could be also concluded that car accidents can cause PTSD and individual suffer a significant decrease on quality of life and etc. 

Factors why PTSD following an accident is likely to develop: 

According to medical experts, PTSD and other mental conditions are as dangerous and damaging as any tangible and visible injuries sustained in an accident. There are quite few reasons why similar mental illnesses develop after an accident and these are overlooked compared to physical injuries which is dangerous for few reasons:

  • Physical injuries usually appear to be deadly when examined by physicians and since victims usually call doctors who are specialized in open injuries, mental health is given little to none medical attention. 

  • For most people, the onset of manifestation of trauma and other emotions are processed long that they appear few days or weeks following an accident. 

How to tell if a person is undergoing a PTSD after an accident

Similar to closed physical injuries, mental damages such as PTSD have not-so-definitive symptoms that can be used to tell if a person who is involved in an accident recently is experiencing PTSD. Some of them are: 

  • Doesn't want to talk about the recent accident even if it needed by police investigators and even avoids the accident itself or anything that reminds him/her about the accident

  • They experience surprise attack of anxiety or panic that has been unknown until the recent crash

  • Isolation and change of mood 

  • Severe anxiety about their surrounding that there are dangers and risks that would catch them off-guard 

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