Usage of Hazard Lights During Rainy Season

Usage of Hazard Lights During Rainy Season

Usage of Hazard Lights During Rainy Season 

Should you use hazard lights during rainy or foggy weather?

Some states in U.S. discourages the use of hazard lights unless in scenarios mentioned above and alikes, people tend to use their respective hazard lights during rainy season or whenever that road has low visibility in intention to warn other drivers that they are their and for authorities, it may tend to raise concern and anxiety among other road users who have witnessed or observed the hazard lights which makes an misunderstanding or a negative impact to their driving experience.

Mainly, this results in confusion about the current condition of the moving vehicle while using hazard lights. Despite authorities' effort to minimize and discourage the use of hazard lights, the scene of seeing drivers using their hazard lights during low visibility times is still evident and numbers are keep increasing and this may lead to some accidents and misunderstanding and some states established a penalty system regarding to invalid usage of hazard lights too which minimizes the tendency of drivers to be disobedient. 

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