Accidents involving logistics companies

Accidents involving logistics companies

Accidents involving logistics companies

Delivery services have become especially important during Stay at Home Order globally due to a burst of a disease caused by pandemic, because we need a safe way to order and receive essential goods. In addition, many e-commerce sites, from independent artists to healthy food advocates rely on delivery services in an effort support their businesses and delivery services have become increasingly important in ensuring that people can still receive essentials such as groceries or other necessities while on their own time. But as important the fast service is for these companies looking out for our needs when it comes ordering necessary things quickly; they should also be operating safely so that all of us can enjoy those products without any worries or stress involved with them getting delivered in a timely manner by someone who will uphold safety measures along the way while providing excellent customer service. 

No longer is this just an issue for large businesses who may rely on courier companies to deliver goods; rather it's also affecting small online shops like independent artists trying to sell products they've crafted themselves from scratch or food advocates with fresh produce grown locally and shipped directly so customers know exactly where their food comes from.

The idea of e-commerce has benefitted all and reduced the risk to zero to consumers and most workers, now the logistics drivers suffer as the risk of road accident is still present and is impossible to be reduced any more. Given that, there is a common misconception conceived that e-commerce will eliminate risk from the economy. But, while it eliminated many risks for consumers and workers in general, new risks have been created to those who produce goods for sale online - logistics drivers are at a higher risk of accidents on the road since they now do more driving than ever before as their routes cover greater distances.

How common are these accidents to delivery services?

These are some statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that has been gathered from few years ago;

  • 475,000 estimated of police-reported cases in 2016 involving delivery trucks and commonly occurs in business days. 
  • FedEx truck accidents has increased 20-fold in percentage since 2012. 
  • DHL as well has its accidents cases increased by 100% as well in the same year.

Given the statistics above, there is an obvious correlation between the increase in economic power in one's country to road accidents. Specifically, logistics services on roads has became popular because of its convenience that numbers of trucks traveling on road daily has skyrocketed which is proportional to the increase of road accidents involving trucks. 

Common causes of truck-related accidents

Ever wonder what would happen if you were in the right place at the wrong time and one of these trucks just happened to plow into your car? A truck accident can be as catastrophic for a person's life, body, or bank account balance than any other kind. Why is this so? What are some common causes of delivery truck accidents?

  • Over speeding
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Insuffience of training and information flow
  • Inattentive driving

How can a road user like you exercise their rights against a large logistics company

Accidents happen every day, but not all of them are because of carelessness. Sometimes they're just a result from the everyday tasks people do like delivery companies and their jobs which is to make sure that packages get delivered safely without being damaged or lost.

Some accidents can be blamed on simple human error while others could have been prevented by taking more precautions in order to ensure safety for everyone involved; this includes both workers at home as well as those who work outside with vehicles such as drivers and pedestrians alike. One way we try our hardest each year so that no one has an accident during any type of transportation-related event would be through implementing better practices when it comes time for events like deliveries where there's already a higher risk factor present

Delivery companies are responsible for some of the accidents that happen as a result. If maintenance crews fail to fix their trucks, they could be accountable when something goes wrong and an accident occurs. Choose truck crash attorneys if you’ve been involved in or injured from one of these incidents so we can help get justice for what happened.

When someone is hurt due to another person’s negligence, they deserve compensation that reflects their pain and suffering. Our team of truck-crash lawyers will work hard on your behalf so that no matter what happened, things don't have an impact on your future success. If you want to get justice after experiencing or being injured in a truck crash, then we're the attorneys for you. We know how frustrating it can be and are here to help. 

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