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The attorneys at Ryan, LLP have built their reputation representing individuals and small businesses against large insurance corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions. The firm handles cases including personal injury, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, and business torts.

Daniel J. Ryan is an attorney at Ryan, LLP. He has over 40 years of experience in litigation and resolving disputes in favor of his clients. He is well-known throughout Northern Ohio for his experience and success in civil litigation.

Dan began his legal career in 1973 at the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office and remained there until 1979. From 1979 until 2001, he worked part-time as the North Olmsted Assistant Law Director and Prosecutor. He also operated a civil law practice during that time focusing on wrongful death, medical malpractice, and general negligence matters. He has completed several hundred trials throughout his career. Mr. Ryan has obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for his clients throughout his career, but he provides the same focus and determination to every client he represents.

From 2004 until 2008, Dan served as a North Olmsted City Councilman. He also served on the North Olmsted Planning Commission and other municipal boards.

Prior to starting his legal career, Dan worked as a Systems Analyst for the Ohio Bell Corporation in Cleveland, Ohio. He was responsible for the software and computer systems that was operating on IBM mainframe system computers. While he was attending law school, he also served as a District Manager at the Ohio Bell Corporation where he managed approximately 50 employees in the software management department.

  • State Ohio
  • United States Federal Court – Northern District of Ohio
  • Federal – Sixth Circut Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court
  • Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (Cleveland State University) – Juris Doctor | 1973
  • John Carroll University – Bachelor of Arts in History and Mathematics | 1968
  • Computer Software System Management – IBM | 1968-1973

Medical Malpractice – Brachial Plexus and Hand Injury – This was a disputed medical malpractice case that went to trial. There were seven experts at trial. The hospital disputed liability and refused to make any offer. Jury found that the injury was caused by the hospital staff and awarded substantial damages for the permanent injury.


Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose – Surgeon at local hospital was under the influence of narcotics while treating patient. Our investigation discovered specific facts demonstrating the surgeon was practicing medicine while under the influence of narcotics. While under the influence, the patient’s critical lab values became life threatening and the doctor failed to properly diagnose the patient’s condition. Hospital staff also failed to properly diagnose the patient’s heart condition, leading to an untimely death. The hospital and physician resolved the case without taking the case to trial.


Financial Loss – Unfair Debt Collection – Client was a victim to unfair debt collection practices, fraud, and abuse of the legal system. Client sued the collection firm and took the case to trial. The jury found in his favor and awarded a significant amount to pay for all legal expenses, plus an amount for the mental distress and anguish the client underwent as a result of the threats and impermissible collection efforts made against them.


Catastrophic Injury – Loss of Limb – Client was the victim of a workplace negligence case where the machine he was operating was modified to prevent a safety feature. The machine failed to stop and caught the clients upper body, causing sever and significant permanent injuries, including the loss of the client’s arm.


Catastrophic Injury – Loss of Limb – Client was working at a metal shredding location. The employer removed a safety panel that prevented his clothes from being entangled in the machine. As the client was using the machine, it caught his pants and pulled his leg into the shredding machine. The machine amputated his leg in the process.


Vehicle Accident – Drunk Driver – Client was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunken driver. Driver hit a roadway barrier and client’s head went through the windshield. Client suffered permanent injury to the head, neck, and back. Case was resolved with the insurance carriers without the need for litigation.


Personal Injury – Dog Bite – Client was savagely attacked by 160-pound Rottweiler, causing bite injuries similar in appearance to a shark bite. The client suffered a permanent laceration to the nerves in her leg, causing significant pain and suffering and

Thomas P. Ryan is an attorney at Ryan, LLP. He graduated from Cleveland Marshall College of Law in 2007 and has practiced civil litigation since passing the Ohio State Bar Exam. Prior to law school, Tom was involved in software programming and worked at several large corporations, including IBM and Sprint. Tom continues to use his computer knowledge and experience in his free time, as well as developing the law firm’s website.

Tom began his career in 2007 after working as a software developer and technology consultant for seven years. While in law school, he continued to work for large corporations developing their voice recognition platforms.

Since law school, Tom has focused his practice on assisting clients through the uncertainty caused by unexpected injuries and life changing events. Clients can expect personal attention to their case, from the moment they call to discuss their potential case through final resolution of their claim. If resolution is not possible through informal negotiations, Tom has the experience to pursue the client’s case through litigation and trial.

Past experience includes the following cases involving medical malpractice, wrongful death, car accidents, and other injury related claims. Tom has assisted over 500 clients in their pursuit of their legal claim.

  • State Ohio
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office – Registered Patent Attorney
  • United States Federal Court – Northern District of Ohio
  • Federal – Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (Cleveland State University) – Juris Doctor2007
  • Ashland University – Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Biology2000
  • Cleveland-Marshall College of Law (Cleveland State University) – Juris Doctor | 2007
  • Ashland University – Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Biology | 2000

Medical Malpractice – Perforated Bowel Resulting in Patient Death – Family of patient treated at a Cleveland area hospital underwent surgery for urinary incontinence repair. During the surgery, the patient’s bowel was perforated and not properly repaired. The surgeon failed to properly monitor the patient’s recovery. The patient’s condition rapidly deteriorated, ultimately leading to death. The family was told it was an unfortunate complication of surgery. Tom conducted a thorough investigation and filed a complaint alleging medical malpractice. Through the work of Tom and his firm, it was found that the surgeon knew he perforated the patient’s bowel, failed to repair it, and then tried to cover up the injury by transferring the patient to a floor with minimal oversight and medical monitoring. The case resolved in a confidential settlement amount.

Medical Malpractice – Failure to Sterilize Surgical Equipment – This case involved medical malpractice through the use of unsterilized surgical equipment during a caesarian section operation. The hospital resolve the matter with the Plaintiff without filing the lawsuit. The patient underwent a year of testing for communicable diseases (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, etc.). The patient did not acquire any long term disease, but our firm was able to obtain compensation for the mental anguish associated with the fear of carrying a communicable disease.

Professional Negligence – Victims of Securities Fraud – Individuals that suffered a financial loss due to fraudulent sales of stocks and securities. Recovered amounts in excess of one-million dollars. The perpetrator refused to pay and attempted to hide his assets through cash transactions between several banking institutions. The defendant also sought bankruptcy protection, claiming the stolen money and claim for recovery should be discharged. Tom performed analysis of 15,000 banking records and created a cross-referencing program to coordinate the financial transactions, clearly demonstrating fraudulent transfers of cash from the criminal to his friends and family. Tom also successfully litigated three separate lawsuits and avoided discharge in the bankruptcy court. After ten years of litigation, the victims successfully recovered their investment monies.

Medical Malpractice – Failure to Diagnose Cancer – Patient went to his primary care physician complaining of pain and discomfort in his stomach. The physician sent the patient for an ultrasound. The radiologist noticed an issue on the liver that he recommended the primary care physician refer to a specialist. The physician did not notify the patient of this finding and did not recommend the patient to a liver specialist. Several years later, the patient discovered he had inoperable liver cancer that could have been avoided if it was treated earlier by a specialist. The physician’s failure to review the recommendation of the radiologist and failure to refer the patient to a specialist limited the patient’s ability to treat the cancer appropriately. Tom conducted an expedited review and investigation and was able to resolve the matter prior to the patient’s death, which allowed the patient access to funds used to increase comfort during the final months of his life.

Vehicle Accident – Uninsured Motorist Claim – Client was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident that caused permanent injuries to his back. Tom coordinated an investigation and worked with the insurance company to resolve the at-fault policy limits. The client was then able to pursue their own policy for additional compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and for the necessary surgeries to repair his back.

Intentional Tort – Insurance Coverage Claim – This was a negligence case and liability was disputed. The injured party was run over by a car and the insurance company claimed it was intentional. The jury found it was negligence and covered under the insurance policy.

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