Advantages of Robot-assisted Surgery

Advantages of Robot-assisted Surgery

Advantages of Robot-assisted Surgery Robot-assisted surgeries are deemed to be an advanced form of laparoscopic surgery wherein it allow doctors to demonstrate and perform almost all types of complex procedures with more accuracy and control significantly compared to traditional manual surgery with medical apparatus. These are accomplished by surgeons with the help of computer-programmed and self-powered micro-robots that do their assigned job and play their role effectively in a specific type of surgery. So, how is it done? Before a surgery involving a robot is conducted, a small video camera is attached to a slim robotic-arm that provides vision for the surgeon which is highly clear and magnified view on the operating site which is already sedated and applied with anesthesia and the surgeon's limb movements along with his/her surgical instruments are copied and proportional to the said robotic arm through the computer console. It is amazing enough that the robotic arms inside the patient's body are able to rotate 360 degrees which offer great control and flexibility along with precision than in standard laparoscopic surgeries. Many people prefer robot-assisted surgeries as it is done and conducted on tiny series of incisions and as a result, it leaves the smallest post-surgery scars which is a good thing for most. In this blog, we are going to talk more about advantages of robot-assisted surgeries and what people should know before scheduling for one. Is Robot-assisted Surgeries Safe? Robotic surgeries has been around for more than a decade and according to experts, they considered it safe for both patients and surgeons. It is also beneficial as such follows:
  • Robotic surgeries are recommended for conducting surgeries at sensitive and narrow regions such as performing urologic, prostate removal, gynecologic surgeries and head and neck surgeries.
  • Open surgeries tend to appear scarier for most patients than robot-assisted surgeries because of incisions
  • Robotic sugeries are recommended for patients who doesn't want to feel pain, blood loss, or discomfort
As what mentioned earlier, robotic surgeries are both beneficial for surgeons and patients, these includes:

Benefits of robotic surgery for patients include:

  • Lesser risks of infections following the surgery due to minimal incisions
  • Barely visible scarring due to small incisions
  • Shorter recuperation time following the surgery and reduced pain and discomfort
  • Reduced blood loss and need of transfusions

Benefits of robotic surgery for surgeons include:

  • Enhanced precision and control over the surgery in general
  • Vision is better compared to manual surgery
  • Easy access to hard-to-reach areas
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