Amusement Park Injuries and Neglect

Amusement Park Injuries and Neglect

Amusement Park Injuries and Neglect

As the summer season sets in, families and individuals from all over flock to amusement parks and other leisure parks for a break from humanly stress. They come to ride on roller coasters or other rides that are just as exciting. As they wait anxiously at their local theme park's entrance gate with anticipation of what lies ahead, these excited customers also have an opportunity not only enjoy themselves but network socially with others who may be visiting there too. 

When you go to a theme park, the risk of injury and death is always going to be present. The thought may make some people uneasy but it's not something that can't be managed with proper safety precautions in place. In company with the fun that these leisure parks offer are risks for injuries or even worse - death. It seems like an odd thing when first thinking about your day at a recreational area being put on hold due to someone else’s negligence, but as long as those who create them do so responsibly there should never have any problems.

Common Accidents in a Leisure Park

  • Drowning from pools and other water forms 
  • Head, Neck, and Spinal Injury due to impact from rides
  • Stroke caused by heat and poor ventilation within the place
  • Lacerations, Fractures, and tear of ligaments from multiple causes (from previously mentioned)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury from extreme rides and other causes
  • Death from specific extreme causes
  • Losing a child due to poor security and management

Taking a leap of faith and deciding to take the plunge is not always as easy as it sounds, considering all that could go wrong. From tripping on any unknown object hidden in between grass blades or stepping into an unseen hole from among rocks located near the water's edge, there are many hazards waiting for those who dare venture off-trail at your local park and here are most observed reasons why:

  • Customers and tourists' negligence and impulse
  • Management's health and eligibility for ride assessment is lacking or not even present
  • Wrong operated rides for right audience
  • Poorly managed and maintained rides/ amenities 
  • Customers and tourists' natural fault


These statistics below will be about the frequencies and tendencies of a leisure park accidents and fatalities in year 2017 onwards by National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.

  • There were estimated 43,405 individuals injured while inside a amusement or leisure park, to break it down from ages ranges: (0–4: 7,338), (5–14: 19,047), (15–24: 6,092), (25–64: 10,507), (65+: 421).
  • In the fact above, injuries are most occurred in ages 5-14 as they are the ones who visit parks frequently.
  • Ages 65+ has less recorded cases as they as well are lesser visitors.
  • 4,400 children are estimated to be hurt each year on amusement park rides.
  • 1.5% of those injuries are serious enough for hospitalization.

What to do as a victim of negligence by management?

If you are hurt at an amusement park, it is important to know who may be liable for your injuries. If the accident was caused by carelessness or inattention of the park or a staff member, then most likely legal claim will be negligence. In standard cases of negligence law, plaintiffs must prove that their injury could have been prevented if they had acted differently; this means proving 3 things: 1) The defendant knew about and should reasonably expect such harm would happen as a result 2) Defendant did not act carefully but instead made careless mistakes leading up to incident 3). This negligent action harmed plaintiff. If someone gets injured at an amusement park due to another's failure "to exercise reasonable caution," there are certain steps which can lead them towards that an injury lawyer can properly exercise along with its client as they know law's intricacies and how can one file a injury claim against defenders.

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