Average Funeral Cost in Cleveland

Average Funeral Cost in Cleveland

Costs of a FuneralCasket

One of the most significant symbols associated with funerals is the casket, and, as such, it often comes with the highest price tag. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the average cost of a casket is just over $2,000. The cost of the casket can exceed $2,000 if specific materials are used, such as:
  • bronze;
  • mahogany; or
  • copper.


If you plan on holding a viewing or visitation during the funeral, then most, if not all, funeral directors in Cleveland will require that you pay for the embalming of the body, which is a process that helps preserve the body throughout the process. Of course, funeral directors will often charge large fees for the service, which can range into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is important to note that by law, a funeral director may not automatically provide embalming services without your consent, and also may not exclaim that it is required by state law.


A vault, also known as a grave liner or burial container, is a lining within the ground in which the casket can be placed. The purpose of the vault is to keep the ground of the cemetery from collapsing as the casket begins to deteriorate. A vault or grave liner is not required by state law, but it is important to understand that many cemeteries may only provide services if you choose to use a vault, as it will help keep the ground level in the future. Statistics from the National Funeral Directors Association show that the average cost of a vault is $1,298.

Other Services

In addition to a casket, embalming services, and a vault or grave liner, there exist various other services, all of which contribute to the average cost of a funeral.

Funeral directors will offer the use of:
  • a hearse and transportation van;
  • a memorial package for the loved one; and
  • the use of the staff and the facilities to host the event.
All of these can add on additional hundreds or thousands of dollars onto the final price tag.

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