Back Injury Claims following a Car Accident

Back Injury Claims following a Car Accident

Back Injury Claims following a Car Accident 

Given that there are a lot of people who are involved in accidents everyday, they suffer great post-accidents injuries and conditions, some are even long term or so what we called disabilities. One type of injury that is common after these events are back sprains and strains. This is caused by an impact from a car accident can make you twist or turn suddenly which stretches your tendons beyond capacity causing pain when moving as well as muscle spasms or cramps to occur later on down the line. Back sprains and strains can be quite painful if they happen due to car accidents because it's likely that someone will move their body past its limits during this event by twisting or turning frequently while recovering from injuries sustained in the collision themselves,  meaning increased risk for more severe issues such as entire muscles tearing apart with every movement made afterwards. The pain even scales, depending on where part was overwhelmed with force and has overexerted. These are the types of backpain and strains that one may experience from light to serious pains following an accident: 

  1. First one's is the worst back injury can be caused by a spinal fracture, lumbar/thoracic vertebrae fracture. This is when one or more vertebrae break, crack, and are otherwise damaged, in this scenario, caused by being violently bumped into a hard surface inside the car. This sustenance of injury is common after a T-bone style car crash where an opposing car crashes into the sides of victim's car. A broken spine has the potential to damage your 33 bones that protect your spinal cord as well as make up you backbone which could lead to possible problem to walking, paralysis, and disabilities if not treated immediately or dealt with efficiently. In a diagnosis, doctors further it in a type of categorizing each into four parts depending on the scenario and manner how it went. 

  2. The damage caused from stretching soft tissue beyond what it's able means causing tears which leads into minor aches-and pains is called a back strain that are difficult-to eliminate. These types of injuries happen often among those who have jobs such as construction workers because working around heavy equipment puts pressure on their backs constantly and it is as well sustained in a car crash accident where a sudden pressure is pressed in your back that causes the same effect as the construction workers where a tear in muscle results in major aches. When one of your back muscles or tendons is overstretched, you’ve suffered a strain. This injury can be identified by the pain it causes and its difficulty to heal, no medicines can quicken its healing process but exercises and time can only do along with consultation from an experienced physician.

  3. A herniated disc can happen during a car accident when discs in the spine are squeezed or crushed as nerves in the discs are compressed. A doctor may use words like slipped, bulging, ruptured to describe this condition which is characterized by an irritated nerve at the site of injury and inflammation around it that could cause pain and numbness as well as weakness from lack of blood flow into those nerves where they have been damaged.

  4. Damage to your spinal discs causes discogenic pain, which is often sharp pains or shooting sensations. It may result in sciatica with pain radiating from the back of your body all the way down into one leg and even beyond the lower extremities. With discogenic pain, people can feel uncomfortable in many different ways: some experience more relief when lying on their stomachs while others are less comfortable but still manage; for those who do not feel any difference between positions there's a chance that they have an inflamed nerve root instead of slipped disk material pressing itself against nearby nerves. In the duration of experiencing such condition, one may not able to properly walk, sit or even stand since it cause a deal of pain and it worsen overtime if overdo.

  5. Facet joints are small, but essential to the health of your spine. They sit between different vertebrae bones and nerve roots run through these joints. The facet joint will let you bend or twist without hurting your back because they're strong enough for heavy lifting like being able to stand up straight with a backpack on. But if there is any damage in those areas then it can cause inflammation that affects nerves which causes pain. Facets getting worn down from thinning cartilage or trauma could lead to an issue which is medically called facet joint injuries. These injuries are commonly sustained from daily activities and sports but oftentimes this is also a result from a car crash accident. 

In a span of 6-month observation of car accident related claims, a study conducted by J David Cassidy et al., appears to have a significant decrease, an almost half of the number, from 256 to 176 per 100,000 claims are related to back pain claims following an accident. According to the study, bodily pain and physical functioning are highly affected but are temporary that claims are oftentimes are cancelled and delays the claim closure. 

If ever you appear to be a victim of an car accident where you have sustained and suffer physical and mental damage, you are eligible for an injury claim. With the right injury lawyer and strong evidences, compensation pay is highly achievable in no time. Call our offices for free legal consultation. 



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