Bad Faith in Injury Claims

Bad Faith in Injury Claims

Bad Faith in Injury Claims

In a civil litigation process, there are predicaments that both sides do encounter whether it is on clients' or hired lawyers' ends. Some problems, which ranges from tactical to technical, which includes motion to dismiss (insurer's tactics to delay the negotiation or court hearing), request for additional case information (another insurer's tactics to delay the settlement pay and pay at lowest value they've established), and the dilemma of settling over going it on trial, these are generally called bad faith in extreme scenarios when they are used to escape from their liability being processed. 

Bad faith, in specific words, refers to an insurer who intentionally go back on their responsibilities for being held liable for the damages being done to the at-fault side. Bad faith manifests in multiple notions as mentioned above but the most common notions are either they refuse to pay policy holder's proven and legally cleared claim with due settlement value or delaying the payment through "reasonable" investigation and demanding of required paperworks as basis of something within lengthy periods. 

How does this Insurers' bad faith negotiation works?

Essentially, insurance companies doesn't want to pay the settlement claim because if they do, they lose the whole amount in their account equivalent to the value of the settlement pay. Hence, they use some undetectable underhand strategies to avoid paying the whole sum such as: 

  • When the victim's party has a small lacking on their paper works, they deny it immediately even if it is trivial

  • They tend to delay the approval of settlement pay or the claim itself and ask for multiple uneeded paper works 

  • Directly refusing to hand over the payment even though the required papers are submitted and even when the driver's car is covered by a policy

How can it affect an insurance company?

So basically, when insurance companies lose in bad faith cases, they are punished by paying more in damages than the actual settlement value. Aside from paying the common elements in an injury claim such as compensatory damages such as coverage for medical bills and lost income due to recuperation and etc., they are susceptible for the judge to consider them to have a punitive damages case for having misconduct as they are practicing deceit and fraud in the process. 

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