Birth Asphyxia

Birth Asphyxia

Birth Asphyxia

In every occupation, a blunder is committed eitherway, intentional or non intentional and most would laugh it out or won't worry about it as it can be mended in few ways. But in some fields such as in medicine, blunders carve permanent and dangerous consequences to the stricken patients. Blunders in medicine are surely unforgivable as medical professionals swore that they would maintain the standard of human care in medicine and apply themselves in what they have learned on how to cater a sick person's needs and aside from that, it may render the patient to develop a more serious condition than he/she had then or give a perfectly fine person a condition that they didn't expected. 

Medical blunders are also called malpractice, it occurs when a doctor or other professional failed to do his or her duty with a reasonable degree of skill, especially when that person's actions or failure to act causes injury or loss and its legal action reaction as to malpractice is medical malrpactice which means whoever medical professional who have commited a fault that is negligent or omission to duty that has caused or dealt harm to the patient would be liable to such claims. 

In childbirth blunders, one of the most common sprouting condition is birth asphyxia. This means that a baby has lack of supply of nutrients, oxygen, and blood flow to the brain as well as to organs before, during, and after the delivery caused by few factors such as blunder and it rarely occur naturally. Asphyxiation is caused by lack of oxygen. It can quickly lead to loss of consciousness, brain injury, or death. Other causes of birth asphyxia is being involved in some form of accidents that has resulted in choking and drowning.

Some causes of asphyxiation include drowning, asthma, and choking. Asphyxiation is often caused by accident.

Causes of Birth Asphyxia

There are many causes for a birth asphyxia to occur, some of them are:

  • There is a little to no oxygen supply in mother's blood before or during the said delivery. 

  • There are problems encountered upon removing the placenta from the womb or the umbilical cord and took time to separate it 

  • The delivery took lengthy time without any breathing apparatus or equipments to deliver nutrients to mother or to baby

  • The delivery has caused an infection to either mother or the baby involved in the delivery 

Complications and effects on growing up of Birth Asphyxia

According to Birth Injury Justice Center, apparently there's approximately 7 out of 1,000 children born in the U.S. suffer a form of birth injury and unfortunately, majority of these cases are avoidable as these are caused by some form of medical negligence. Any types of childbirth injuries such as birth asphyxia can render a baby's nerves to be damaged during the delivery especially in the face which could increase the chances of occurrence of facial paralysis and shoulder paralysis which is medically called brachial palsy, a loss of upper limb control, which are all temporary but at serious extent, they stay and affects one's quality of life later on. 

Specifically, infants who have experienced birth asphyxia has a record of death rate of 30% on their first few days after their delivery plus, birth asphyxia deals long-term effects which some lead to development of complications that ranges from mild to severe forms of neurological disorders and cognitive issues such as cerebral palsy and late mental developments. 

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