Ways to treat Burn Injuries sustained from Car Accidents

Ways to treat Burn Injuries sustained from Car Accidents

Ways to treat Burn Injuries sustained from Car Accidents

Following a minor to severe any form of car crash would lead to an expected sustenance of injuries which ranges from severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI) up to the minor road rashes. Among all of these injuries that are sustained in a car accident, the most annoying to deal with and hardest to recover from is burn injuries. 

Although burn injuries occur lesser compared to other car accident injuries, they have the highest potential to develop complications such even with little to no conditions as they are prone to infection and topping off other conditions such as diabetes and ulcer which makes it deadly on extreme cases. Aside from those major possibilities, the most common sensation that victims who have experienced such is their suffering from extreme pain, fear of developing infections and affecting their other health conditions, and their ability to make living as they rendered immobile if they sustained the burn on limbs or even on body as they are having difficulty with moving to start with. 

When involved in a traffic crashes and have believed that you have sustained burn injuries, keep in mind that they are still preventable and not like broken bones and fracture that only medical professional can only deal with but they can still be prevented or mitigated through proper dealings and response with first aid procedures exclusive for only dealing with burn injuries from car accidents. 

What causes burn accidents?

The most common reason why there are some victims of a car accident sustain burn injuries is because of the fuel tank explosion due to the external impact from violent force from the incoming accident or by generally because of the "crash" that made enough friction for nearby materials to heat up such as metal, leather, plastics, and other materials that can conduct heat and if these materials could reach the fuel tank, then the chances for the occurrence of fuel tank explosion is high and fire would likely to reach the incapable victims from escaping out from the claws of fire. 

Aside from the risk of fuel tank explosion, the presence of multiple chemicals inside a car could be dangerous too as they are likely to be poured in a place and victims may make contact with it and would cause chemical burns on their ends. Abrasive burns are also included in the picture of burns that can be sustained in a car accident as most car accidents scenes involves extreme grating and friction with road and car materials which end up heating and may be hurtful when made contact with one. 

General Burn Treatments 

Generally, most car accident burns are treated and doesn't escalate at an extent where it is fatal with proper medical attention and proper intial response following an accident. Depending on the degree of a burn, treatments ranges from: 

  • Antibiotics (prevention for developing infection)

  • Running water (should be applied right after sustenance)

  • Pain relievers 

  • Surgeries (Skin Graft and Amputation)

  • Debridement (Removal of dead skin and tissue)
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