Car Crash Involving Company Trucks

Car Crash Involving Company Trucks

Car Crash Involving Company Trucks 

Just think how big is the trucking industry in the U.S. where everything involves logistics as products come inside and outside the country which are transported by land mainly by trucks. In fact, trucking companies, warehouses, and private sectors in the U.S. employs more than 8.9 million people in trucking-related jobs and almost half of them (3.5 million) were truck drivers. In addition, an association concerned to trucking and trucks statistics estimates that there are more than 15 million trucks operate in the U.S. which is a significant figure that made up majority of vehicles running and using american roads.

With these numbers, we can't cross out the fact that they could tend to be involved in any road accident across U.S. Specifically, here is a statistical view of how trucks are involved daily in car accidents in small and large scale. 

  • 107,000 or 28% out of 388,000 large truck accidents has resulted in injury and more than 10% (4,415) resulted in deaths. 

  • Numbers above account for almost 15% of total fatal crash in 2018 and unfortunately, fatalities were found out mostly occur to occupants of vehicles. 

  • Around 500,000 trucking accidents occur each year in U.S. with 10% of it results in death per year as well. 

  • In 2019, truck-involved road accidents has peaked as more than 5,000 people were killed and there were estimated 159,000 people have sustained injuries in the event. 

  • 538,000 large trucks were involved in police-reported traffic crashes all across U.S. in 2019 as well. 

Determining Liability in the Accident 

In an event where there is a need of determining fault in employee v.s. employer accidents, judges always point out and stress out that there is a point where an employer has been negligent to their employees as they are responsible for them but the take is that if the negligence took over within the scope of employment or in the course of working. 

Though, it is tricky and requires time and proofs for a judge to give a proper verdict, in most states the rule is if the employee was working without lacking and within his/her capability on an assigned task, then the employer is responsible. But, if the employee has full control over something like truck during off hours or break and that's when the accident occur, then the case could go bad for the employee. 


The very concept of insurers' role in truck accidents is that they only pay for the insured truck and other than that, the responsible party will likely to pay for it. At some extent, where there is a liability, the at-fault driver may be pressed to pay the company back. 

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