Christmas Day Related Fatalities and Accidents

Christmas Day Related Fatalities and Accidents

Christmas Day Related Fatalities and Accidents 

Christmas Day is around the corner and people are swarming over malls, establishments, and along roads and whereabouts vary in relation to their preparation for their respective celebration of Christmas Day. According to estimates from National Safety Council (NSC), they said that more than 370 people may die along U.S. roads this Christmas Day holiday period, they said that many will prefer car or land travel which will cause the spike of fatalities and car accidents as car travel has records of having the highest fatality rate among other form of transportation-based fatalities per passenger mile and given that holidays like fourth of July and Christmas Day celebrations are likely to involve alcohol consumption which is a major factor to all motor vehicle road crashes. 


This statistics on Christmas Day 2021 is fruit from studies and observation conducted by National Safety Council, which lasts up to 4 days starting from the Christmas Day on December 25. They said that the numbers of this year's estimation is in uncertaintly because of the unexpected impact of COVID-19 but they will be basing their estimations from yearly recorded numbers starting from 314 to 431, in a 90% interval. Their estimations will be divided into few group of matters such as injuries and etc. 


Specifically, injuries that requires immediate medical attention or medically consulted injury is present on this estimation. They have concluded their estimation of nonfatal medically consulted injuriy sustenance during holiday period at 42,300 from the previous data recorded from preceding years from 35,900 to 49,100. 

Impaired Driving

From the retrospect, 28% of the total traffic fatalities were linked to alcohol-impaired drivers in year 2019 alone. The said organization has based their current estimation to these numbers because of its relativity as 38% of fatalities recorded in 2019 Christmas Day involved alcohol-impaired driver. 

Restrained Driving 

Despite these previous statements, studies show that restrained driving are 45% proven effective in preventing fatalities among front-seat occupants as well as to driver. The organization has estimated that 147 lives may be saved this Christmas Day holiday period as many occupants these days practice restrained driving and an additional 86 lives could be saved if all wear seatbelts. 

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