Common Care Measures for a TBI Patient

Common Care Measures for a TBI Patient

Common Care Measures for a TBI Patient

A traumatic brain injury is caused by a sudden head trauma damages the delicate parts of your brain. A closed-head injury, which does not break through to the skull may still cause damage because it is hard enough that there will be knock and shake inside your head against those fragile areas in your cranium. The same goes for penetrative injuries where an object pierces straight into our brains from outside sources causes irrevocable harm as well though this case usually with worse consequences due to its deeper penetration.

Main causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

These are the main causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries that contributed 95% to all cases of TBI in the last 5 years in US, susceptible ages for these causes are; newborns - four years old, ages 15 - 24 where working is rigorous, elder ages 60 above where falls and slips are numerous, and most commong among male because of lifestyle: 

  • Vehicle related injuries or violent motions
  • Falls
  • Sports related Injuries
  • Violence


Immediately following a traumatic brain injury, it is not uncommon for patients to experience complications. Some of these can worsen the severity and number of symptoms experienced by the patient in their post-injury state. Severe injuries make this worse as they increase both risk factors that lead to greater numbers and severities of complications such as:

Psychological and Cognitive Complications

  • Consciousness - Patient's responsiveness and mental activity may worsen in form of cases of least conscious state, vegetative state or in few worst case, coma or brain death. 
  • Altered cognitive, nervous and communication process and function - Patient may as well show an decline in performing daily tasks and common human features such as speech and reasoning. Memory loss, learning, memorizing (and its constituting abilities such as organizing, planning and multitasking) as well are evidently declining on some cases of TBI.  Communication problems are seemed to be common and not something to be surprised when exhibited by someone who suffers TBI, may it be in writing or vocal messages as their nervous functions are damaged by a certain cause. 
  • Behavioral Changes - Difficulty in controlling emotions and habits are as well observed in a TBI patient, they show lessen self control and awareness, sudden emotional burstouts and oftentimes show risky behavior.
  • Decline in sense - Widen blind spots, difficulty in smelling and distinguishing tastes, random audio distortion and other impairment of senses and hand - eye coordination are complications that could possibly developed in most TBI patients. 

How are Traumatic Brain Injury patients are treated?

Brain injury can have a variety of effects on the individual, including mental and physical impairment. Rehabilitation may be beneficial to help improve your ability to function at home and in your community while treating any underlying psychological or physiological problems caused by brain damage. It also provides social support for both patients with TBIs as well as their families who are going through similar experiences during recovery; it helps provide acceptance of changes that happen over time following an accident such as losing abilities or experiencing other adverse side-effects from treatment plans. The reasons why you might need rehabilitation post traumatic head injury could involve improving one's self-efficacy due to lower levels of independence which is typically seen after these injuries occur.

The medical rehabilitation process helps with many of the complications that can arise from TBI and other injuries, such as blood clots, pain pressure ulcers or bedsores. It also aids in preventing future related health problems by treating those who have been diagnosed with a TBI to prevent them from getting worse after they are discharged home.

Hire an Injury Lawyer

When you love one sustains a traumatic brain injury due to an accident or because of another person’s negligence, there are many financial burdens that they will need to pay for and it may be hard enough being present with all potential medical needs but when also having large amounts accrued in hospital fees and other costs associated with rehabilitation. This is where the concept of "personal injury compensation" comes into play. By hiring your loved's personal legal counsel and receiving payment from them in order to cover these expenses, this can help alleviate some pressure on their family members by providing money towards those bills automatically without any hassle or delay.

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