Common cases of Premises Liability

Common cases of Premises Liability

Common cases of Premises Liability 

When owning a place or business where individuals are free for walk-ins and can interact with the structure of the building, it could also mean that you, as an owner, are responsible for their safety and sustenance of injury. This specific notion is legally called premises liability, it means that the landowner or property owner has potential certain torts that they could obtain on their land. 

Most cases of premises liability occur are similar or alike cases of every type of personal injury cases. To simplify, the victim of a premises liability case usually seeks damage for sustenance of injury that had occur inside someone's premises that could root from apparent negligence or failure of maintaining a safe and secured from any harm environment. 

In this blog, we are going to staple the most common examples of premises liability accidents that are true for most american citizens.  

Dog Bite Accidents

If you were invited on a house event or just even walk by a house that has a dog and has bitten you, you are highly possible to be entitled for a premises liability accident even if the bite did deal or not damage you or your companion. From papers, law view pets as property and treated as one even if the owner of the dog view it as a companion or pet and the result of the apparent negligence to take monitoring of someone's dog could lead to as treating it hazard and resulting to damage because of it could make the owner owe claims for its victims.  

Slip and Falls Accidents

Wet and slippery floors and uneven surfaces in a mall could lead to bad events if a customer caught off-guard and might result to a slip or fall and may sustain injuries. Failure to provide warning or preventive measure such as replacing bad surface and cleaning wet floors could make the victim entitled for a presmisses liablity claim. 

Hotel Robbery Accidents 

The expectation of customers of a certain hotel is high especially when we are talking about the level and amount of security that the hotel has invested in such as security person, expensive room locks, and etc. If a breaking happened and a small robbery had happened in room or multiple rooms, the situation would look more bad for the hotel management and even more if found out that their level of security is significantly low, for an instance, bad lock system and lesser visibility of CCTV that has led to the occurrence of robbery. This could result for the hotel management to have a legal charge against them and could scale up if there are discoveries of addition of injured customers. 

Parking Lot Crash

Injuries and damage to property inside an establishment's parking are as well covered under premises liability. Cars aside, uneven surface and poor lighting could as well contributing factors for a person could sustain damage under the premises and is directly blamed to the management unless proofs are provided such as CCTV footages. 

Ryan LLP 

If ever you or one of your family members who is working or a customer of a certain establishment that has been involved or has experienced an accident within the premises or working zone as a victim occurred and though that the management is partly or fully liable for the accident occurred, you can always refer help from a professional experienced injury lawyer to smoothen things out and work together to unveil what malice and fraudulent activities was on behind the scenes. 

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