Common Causes of Electrocutions in any Work Places

Common Causes of Electrocutions in any Work Places

Common Causes of Electrocutions in any Work Places

Our body, unfortunately, is a strong conductor for electricty which makes people who works with or works in an environment that is filled with tools, equipment, or nature that is accompanied by electricity and risks increase as the person working doesn't wear or abide to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA)'s integrated and recommended countermeasures and occupational safety such as wearing personal protective equipments (PPEs). 

Some consequences of these negligence and inexperience would be lingering damage, including intense pain, burns by electricity, and organ failure and complications. According to some experts, the best way to avoid these scary complications and pain, is to properly get an idea what is type of burn or electrocution you have experience to properly get an apt medical care through what are the sources of the electrocution one have experienced. 

Here are some common causes of any form of electrocutions in any known working space: 

Inadequate or Error in Wiring 

Extension cords and other wiring equipment are only built for specific amount of electricity which is small and whereas electricity cables are good for handling large amount of eletricity, if these basic notion is not followed or applied in a company's wiring system then it would pose a problem. If the energy output or input exceeds the certain level for a wire inside an office, the general safety of people working inside an office would be expose to the risk of fire and electrocution. Hiring an electrical engineer and/or safety engineer would ensure safety and assure that there won't be any existing risk of fire or electricity-related risks.  


Overloading is somewhat similar to wiring errors in terms of concept. Overload occurs when there are too many cords of electrical appliances, tools, or equipments were plugged in a single circuit. The event of overload occurs so simple as the temperature only rises of the entire cord system and if materials couldn't withstand the heat, the whole wiring in the circuit burn and its nearby materials also catch fire. Trying to intervene without proper insulating wear to action against the fire could get you electrocuted. 

Grounding Error

It is a common sense for most people working with electricity or most working adults has some background on how electrictity should run. Normally, electricty runs on closed circuit and should be maintained closed, when the circuit is open, unfortunately, most electrical devies that employees safely use then, could become dangerous to use as when a seemed touching it could give a person an electrical shock but non fatal. 

Non-insulated Power Lines

Powerlines major parts aren't insulated, contrary to most belief. Working near with it, provided with no insulated protective equipments, could give you a shock and when even passing or working near it without any electricity-related work, it could give you a shock eitherway. Powerline voltage releases large amount of eletricity as it is where household power runs at and these voltages could threaten your body if you survive that could last long term or could even lead to death. 

Temporary Wiring 

Temporary wiring system are known to be less durable compared to well established wiring. Maybe it is labeled temporary but it could be then replaced longer than anticipated and consequencially forget about replacing it as it still works, this is where the danger comes in. Keeping temporary wire unchecked rended a builing, house, or work place to be exposed to the danger of fire and its people for eletrocution. 

Negligent Employer?

If you were involved in a work-related accident and sustained either minor or significant injury that has affected your earning capacity or even jeopardized your living and found out that it is caused by your employer's series of negligent actions, then you are eligible to file for a workers' compensation to cover your medical expenses as well as potential loss of income.  

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