Common Causes of Intersection Crashes

Common Causes of Intersection Crashes

Common Causes of Intersection Crashes

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 50% of intersection accidents occur because a driver either unintentionally disobeys a traffic signal, misunderstood other driver's signal, and/or deliberately try to beat the red light as they are in a rush. An additional 18% of accidents occur because drivers deliberately drive over yellow light on intersections and 36% of intersection accidents were caused by a driver who drive over a red light.

But there are more reasons why an intersection crash occur which is why we have wrote this blog to stipulate common to rare reasons why an intersection crash occur excluding the previously obvious reasons why that includes:

  • Trying to turn right with traffic in the lane 

    An immediate right turn in an intersection during red light is allowed but this may cause impedement for other vehicles and cause traffic if the driver turned forcefully, this could result in putting multiple vehicles in one lane simultaneously which could possible result in intersection crash when there are other external factors involved. 

  • Not adjusting for weather or road conditions 

    Given that weather and/or road condition are few deciding factor for an accident to happen or not, drivers experiencing these should adjust their driving manners according to certain road and weather conditions as it may result in a crash especially in intersections where multiple vehicles meet all at a time. 

  • Defective equipment 

    In one of our blogs, we have mentioned that one major contributor of car accidents in general is defective machine or vehicle as drivers are not always blamed for their bad driving but bad or negligent car maintenance. Since vehicle with defective hardware could fail to perform its specific task and may cause collision to any part of the road including intersections. 

  • Obstructed views 

    Especially in intersections, obstructions are a lot. Few examples of objects that could obstruct drivers' view are statues, signages, bushes, and trees. This could limit drivers' view and may not see coming vehicles before they proceed crossing. 

  • Distracted driving 

    Distracted driving aren't only highway and fastlane's problem but as well as to intersections and evidently enough, distracted driving has been a major contributor of fatal accidents in the U.S. Drivers should responsible about their driving and focus their attention to the driving itself as detaching one's self to driving could reduce one's vision and reaction to incoming road situations which likely result in a crash. 

  • Misjudgment 

    Misjudgement in road means he/she unintentionally misread a situation. For example, the driver thought he/she can cross the intersection given how close the incoming vehicles are but it wasn't enough and it may lead to an accident even with the best of intentions. 

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