Common Children Health Conditions which are Misdiagnosed

Common Children Health Conditions which are Misdiagnosed

Common Children Health Conditions which are Misdiagnosed

Misdiagnosis is a form of medical error, which is medically and generally known to be preventable by any measure that causes or poses a risk to a patient by a medical practitioner where he/she inaccurately or incompletely diagnose or treat a disease or any type of human condition. 

Commonly, misdiagnosis has no specific group age for it to highly occur, it chooses everyone, ignoring its age and status but notthe condition itself. And most victims of misdiagnosis who do actually have second opinion and fixed immediately by another doctor usually suffer from its side effects such as: 

  • Mental Health Issues

  • Insecurities

  • Trust Issues

These damages are different from those who have suffered long term misdiagnosis, especially children, who believed that they have a condition like that because of professional's negligence may as well suffer significant damages such as:

  • Mental Health Damage

  • Cognitive Issues

  • Movement and Motor Damages (Neurological Disorders)

Most Common Health Conditions among children that is Misdiagnosed

The American Association of Pediatrics’ publication 1 showed an 80.1 percent missed diagnosis rate for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), with an additional 6.4 percent medical misdiagnosis rate. Certainly few parents and children face the debilitating effects of FASD, but other medical misdiagnoses issues are common, according to another study in the same publication:

  1. Medication side effects

    Similar to other mentioned above, medication side effects is confused with other health conditions because of manifestation of similarities in symptoms. In an instance, the parent have overdosed their child when taking a prescription and thought to be another form of complication derived from an existing disease by a doctor, which is highly concerning that aside from giving wrong treatment and wrong medicine, the family will suffer under great financial pressure. 

  2. Viral and Bacterial Infections induced illnesses

    Sometimes, doctors may get confused with the symptoms of viral infection from the bacterial infection and vice versa, commonly symptoms on respiratory infection would be highly similar and it may result to a misdiagnosis. Probably, doctor may state misleading findings and recommend wrong medicines such as antibiotics whereas it would be something that should take out the virus, and that may complicate the condition or won't take effect leading to significant damage or even death if left unchecked and untreated. Serious side effects such as allergic reactions may occur as well in the process. 

  3. Psychological and Behavioral Disorders

    Since psychiatric field is wide and some disorders have similar showing and symptoms, determining an individual's condition is pretty hard for most psychiatrists and there is no telling if their behavior is genuine or just an act for some reasons. Overlooking a symptom may also be fatal, that is why psychiatrists never thought of a patient faking a symptoms as they may put themselves and drive them in a corner if they do. 

  4. Appendicitis

    Recently, doctors and professional have found out that gastrointestinal infections and appendicitis have some similarities when it comes to type of pain and other traditional symptoms, rendering a diagnosis and determining an appendicitis to become harder nowadays and often confused with upper respiratory infection as well because of the dull pain in the lowe abdomen. 

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