Common Injuries in a Workplace

Common Injuries in a Workplace

Common Injuries in a Workplace

In a workplace, similar to other places where risks are present such as road, accidents and sustenance of accidents is not new and should be expected. There are many contributing factor for a workplace accident to happen, it ranges from a petty reason, personal reason, up to management and mechanical errors and its resulting injuries ranges from minor to significantly delibitating injuries too, the damage dealt can also be determined from what field you are in, what work you do, and what machines or equipments you are handling. 

Some injuries in the workplace requires little to none requires for it to happen such as falls and trips, some accidents are innate and caused only by negligence or being caught off guard such as struck by a falling object. Really, there is no telling when do someone be involved in an accident. In 2020, there were 2.7 million injuries and illness among employers were reported in private industries which is a significant decrease in 2019 by 5.7%. The decline to 2.1 million in 2020 from 2.7 million in 2019 was said to be linked by unemployment due to pandemic issues among businesses, while cases of illness has increased significantly up to 544,600 in 2020.

Here are some common injuries in a workplace that happen to almost everyone new in the work and even to those who grew on their job:

Slips, trips, and falls 

In slipping and trip accidents in workplace that has even and smooth surface such as offices, wet floors and spilled wet cleaners are major factors for the said accident to happen. In construction and industrial workplaces, small objects and cylindrical objects causes workers to fall to the floor really bad as it is accompanied by force which renders them to sustain minor sprain and fracture up to back and head injuries. Stairs, scaffolds, and other structures that are used for climbing up are present to most work places which is common factor for an employee to fall in a workplace which is the most highly fatal among the three. 

Muscle Strains 

In an office scene, sitting on one's desk and staring at the computer stiffly could cause a worker to develop muscle and nerve strains specifically in the back and neck and in labors where they do rigorous lifting, exerting too much force could make their muscles and nerve to be stressed worn out easily even before progessing on the jobs which cause development of a certain type of muscle or nerve injury that will appear in the long run. 

Repititive Motion caused Injuries

Repititive motion happen in both office works and industrial setting, both have very different dynamics as office workers mostly sit and type without moving their lower limbs and even their back for hours while industrial workers repititively does lifting motion and exerting strength over the same time which is considered as repititive motion too. This can cause both back pain, cognitive problems, muscle and skeletal aches as an extent. 

Struck by an Object Accidents 

Struck by an object is an accident wherein a worker is hit by a moving or falling object present in a workplace such as tool or equipment. Still, this accident can occur in both workplaces which has entirely different dynamics. For an instance, in an office, a person can be hurt when a falling office-related object was placed above and has no tightening can fall when struck by little to none force and may hit the person below, it is similar to workers who have experienced the same in a construction setting, but such workplace, has much more risks exist compared to an office as their equipment are more rigid and heavy and being hit by one of those may be fatal. 

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