Common Injuries sustained in an Accident

Common Injuries sustained in an Accident

Common Injuries sustained in an Accident

Among all causes of deaths among U.S. citizens, automobile accidents lead the numbers as annual car accident statistics state that there are nearly 2.5 million are seriously hurt or or has resulted in disabilities among people involved, either victim or at-fault, fatalities with the involvement of car accidents were estimated up to 1.3 million in yearly scale. 

The damages sustained by the people involved in the accident are something they do suffer in the process of recuperation, the damage includes not only physical damages but mental and financial damages that damages family as well as to the country's economy itself collaterally as traffic crashes cost most countries 3% of their gross domestic product. 


 Here are some stats of the current and previous state of car accidents in the country according to World Health Organization (WHO):

  • 90% of global occurrences of deaths by traffic are from low and middle income countries. 

  • 5-29 years old are the most victim from traffic crash caused injuries that resulted in numerous deaths. 

  • From some studies, every 1% in speed increase is equivalent in 4% increase in chances of being involved in fatal crash and 3% in serious crash. 

  • DUI or driving under influence of substance significantly increase the risk of crash that are likely to result in death. 

  • Pedestrians, cyclists, and motor riders are accountable for half of total traffic deaths. 

  • Traffic crashes caused traumatic brain injuries (TBI) causes 50,000 deaths and  80,000 to 90,000 disabilities yearly. 

  • Permanent injuries has been a common sustained injury among 2 million drivers on yearly average. 

  • There are atleast 8,000 individuals aging 16-20 who were killed in traffic crashes.

  • More than half of fatal car crashes only involve one vehicle at 58% and 38% involves multiple cars.

Common Injuries Sustained 

There are many contributing factors to determine the damage that people invovled will sustain, but it is important what are those injuries to get a grasp of what you got in your footing at the event of accident and decide to file for an injury claim or not against the at-fault driver:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    One of the most common reasons of TBI is car accidents that are violent as brain is damaged by a strong blow that could pierced through the head and cause injury. 

  • Spinal Cord and Neck Injuries
    Similar to TBI's, spinal cord and neck injuries are caused by strong and violent blows as well as unrestricted driving that could cause in partial or total paralysis in an unchecked injury and this can be long lasting if not immediately given with proper medical attention. 

  • Internal Injuries
    Violent force and blow that could make an occupant bump into hard objects inside a car could case internal injuries, these type of injuries has the highest tendencies of developing into a more worse form of condition, having someone feeling pain or tenderness on his/her insides should be taken into proper medical care.

  • Burns
    In extreme occasions, a vehicle catches on fire following a car crash and when these fire or hot fluids from a vehicle, it could cause minor to major burns depending on duration of exposure. 

  • Fractures and Broken bones
    Depending on the extremity of the accident, fractures and broken bones are likely to be sustained from minor sprain to major rib cage breakings, it could happen and may require expensive procedures to repair. 

  • Disabilities such as amputation
    On some cases of fractures or burns, there should be a need of amputation when it is severely damaged to avoid infection and transmutation of damage. 

  • Cuts and lacerations
    Cuts and lacerations are the most common injuries when caught in a vehicular accident as there many debris and broken glass that victims could stumble upon.

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