Common Medical misdiagnosis consequences on children

Common Medical misdiagnosis consequences on children

Common Medical misdiagnosis consequences on children

Medical misdiagnosis is a huge problem that's more prominent among infants and toddlers. They can't articulate their complaints, so doctors have to use analytical skills when trying to diagnose them with differential diagnosis. If they're wrong about the source of suffering, it could be fatal for young kids because there isn’t time for another doctor visit or surgery if something goes wrong. These medical blunders and negligence usually pertains to affect a child's physical, mental and neurological aspect, wherein neurological health is categorized into cognition and coordination which are both essential and influencial in the process of growing up for picking up new skills and knowledge, being it possibly jeopardized by some medical misdiagnosis, the child's upbringing and school life would be somehow slower than children who didn't experience medical blunders and might possibly end up threatening his/her future and a kid doensn't deserve that. In this blog, we are going to shed light on the most common medical misdiagnosis consequences on children. 

How common is Medical Misdiagnosis?

  • Over 12 million individuals, mostly adults, experience medical care misdiagnosis yearly, according to a recent study by BMJ Quality & Safety. That implies to about 5 percent of adults, or 1 out of 20 patients.
  • Out of those numbers, up to 20% of them are patients with serious conditions.
  • 44% of the number are misdiagnosed with a type of cancer. 
  • Fortunate event, 51% of patients who are recommended to use breast imaging changes diagnosis and laboratory interpretation.

Common Damages of Medical Misdiagnosis

  1. Mismedication side effects, whether they are used on mild or severe conditions, can have a lasting impact on the lives of children. Mismedication usually occurs when there is no reassurance regarding the laboratory results and pediatrician carelessly prescribe the right medication for the wrong health condition. Mismedication usually render a patient to feel nausea, stress, slower recuperation, worsening of a certain condition, and even long term disability. 
  2. Worsening of a viral illness occurs when a pediatrician makes the wrong diagnosis and gives an antibiotic to children, it can have long-term side effects. Antibiotics often lead to diarrhea or rashes and other common allergic reactions, which may be temporary but could also become permanent if they're taken too many times. This is why doctors always try their best not to misdiagnose conditions such as these so that no child has any form of adverse reaction due from antibiotics given without need. Oftentimes, it could lead to death when a viral illness is already severe. 

  3. Development of mental disorders and kept it unchecked, the study revealed that pediatricians often made a medical misdiagnosis by overlooking symptoms of psychiatric disorders. Though our culture has been too hasty to ascribe trending syndromes (ADHD), this report shows the importance in looking deeper into children's mental health. 

  4. Oftentimes, pediatrician ignores smallest details and symptoms of what could be a serious disease such as appendicitis. It is a difficult disease to diagnose. Doctors have traditionally relied on the classic symptoms of lower abdominal tenderness and other recognizable signs but many patients do not present with these basic signs, making misdiagnosis an issue for those doctors who are unfamiliar with this often-misunderstood condition. On common scenes, an unchecked appendicitis later on transists to ruptured appendicitis which increases its danger as it can cause death to a victim.

  5. Mismedication are one of many causes behind fatalities in hospitals and clinics. A lot of people have died from medical misdiagnoses. It's a major public health concern, as it can lead to death and high chances of developing serious illness if not corrected quickly enough.

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