Common Surgery-Related Malpractice Claims

Common Surgery-Related Malpractice Claims

Common Surgery-Related Malpractice Claims  Surgeons and physicians are one of the few qualified professionals to conduct a surgery and operate on a patient, as they are seen as expert in their specialized field, patients are dependent upon them about their health and may be worried about what's coming for them and simultaneously, hope for the best. The fear of uncertainty, topped with the current health condition that a patient is facing that has putted him/her to get a surgery is rational and relatable by most. But unfortunately, some of these fears come true such as fault in surgeries due to surgical errors involved with negligence on professionals' end.

As medical professionals involved in a surgery such as physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologist, etc. are all human, they make mistakes and sometimes their accuracy is off at times, and even machine-assisted surgeries commit mistakes as well let alone human. Then, maybe these mistakes are forgivable but their effects last and sometimes irreversible and may result in harming patient's current condition and life in general. 

Common Occurring Surgery Errors

  • Fragments of material used in the surgery stuck inside the patient

  • Failure to do follow-up diagnoses and treatment

  • Delayed Surgery Schedule or according to patient's state

  • Damaged to near regions of the surgery location

  • Infections and Other Complications

According to researchers, out of more than 35 million hospitalizations, there were more than 251,000 deaths per year or translates to a whopping rate of 9.5% out of total medical-error related deaths.

Fragments of material used in the surgery stuck inside the patient

After the surgery is done, surgeons repair the incision intented for the conduct of surgery but sometimes, there are fragments of items that is stuck inside. Some of these items are:

  • Sponges

  • Surgical tools

  • Needles

This could account as negligence to the medical professionals involved in the surgery as they ought to be aware about their used materials and what is going in and out from the patient's body. Infections 

As qualified medical professionals who were entrusted the job that could determine a patient's health and well-being, they are responsible for the reliability and hygiene of their working environment and surgical tools. If ever they were negligent about the matter, the surgery's incisions might be infected with possibilities of long-term health issues due to the infection which furthers patient's hospital stay due to lengthened medication for additional sprout of health condition.

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