Common work-related injuries

Common work-related injuries

10 work injuries you might encounter

There are high number of occupation- related injuries recorded in USA that scales up to 4000+ cases a year according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.These numbers are relatively going higher and higher over time as many multi-million industrial factories and work spaces are built all over the world and these work spaces possess natural and potent danger to its workers even with caution and care, unexpected things happened. This is the list of work space injuries that an employee might encounter in any time of a day, most injuries in the list are qualified in the criteria of Worker's compensation pay, where a certain company is required to pay an amount corresponding to the damage dealt upon the worker that scales to a lot of possibilities depending on one's situation and how severe the damage is.

●Slips, trips and falls

●Muscle strains

●Being hit by falling objects

●Repetitive strain injury

●Crashes and collisions

●Cuts and lacerations

●Inhaling toxic fumes

●Exposure to loud noise

●Walking into objects

●Fights at work

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