Compensation Pay: Negotiation after Accepting Initial Offer

Compensation Pay: Negotiation after Accepting Initial Offer

Compensation Pay: Negotiation after Accepting Initial Offer 

When in a middle of litigating your injury claim, it is highly encourage to be vigilant and mindful when making even the smallest talk with defendant's insurer following an accident as insurance and adjuster companies are adept with communicating, they can make the victims who's against their client to be complacent and transparent with their feelings towards them and possibly, make the victims to accidentally be careless about what they talk and it can be used against them and sometimes, make the victims feel desperate to accept the intital settlement offer without consent or recommendation from their attorneys hired that their case could be worth above from the offer given. 

But the question is still, can your attorneys hired could pave you a way out of this by negotiating?

Why Inital Offers are deemed bad?

Most of the time, initial offers for the value of compensation pay made by insurers are far below from the real value of the claim filed by the victim if it is thoroughly calculated by his/her hired attorney, since most of them offers when the calculation or while in the middle of the process of sorting things out following an accident for the victim to be confused and they'd expect that the victim will gladly accept the instant compensation pay which serves as financial support for covering medical bills and other property damages following the accident without his/her attorney's recommendation to do so. 

To be honest, insurance companies doesn't either know how severe your injuries are how it could possible affect your lifestyle and living atleast and how much is the possible needed money for your full recuperation amount, they'd just estimate the amount that they can fully let go at the moment and just offer low amount of compensation pay hoping that you will accept it out of desperation. Actually, even if it is 6 digits amount, it would be small compared to what your claim deserves, so it is better to consult your injury attorney hired rather than rushing and dealing things on your own on this big matter with little to none amount of knowledge and experience. 

What if you have signed to the initial settlement offer?

If the expectation of insurer happened as you signed the inital offer for your compensation pay, you can never back out of it as it is a physical proof of you accepting the compensation with your consent. Since settlements are usually two-part or clauses releasing the insurance company and the at-fault person from any future liability, this only means that you can't file another claim against them consecutively. Though, to avoid such occurrence and to enlighten new to civil litigation, the victim who have filed the claim has also rights to talk it out with his lawyer beforehand. 

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