Death of elder due to negligence in Nursing Home

Death of elder due to negligence in Nursing Home

Death of elder due to negligence in Nursing Home

Nursing homes are facilities take are paid to take care and cater needs for the elderly and disabled people. Nursing homes are known for their long-term care facilities, flexible nurses that are capable of caring an individual mentally, emotionally and physically. Sometimes, negligence, shortage of staff and bad flow of infomation can cause error and jeopardize every patient in their that only depends on nurses' job. In this blog, an accident caused by negligence has led to a death of a male elder in Illinois.

Pearl Pavilion, a said staff at a nursing home in Freeport, Illinois, is currently under bombardment of lawsuit after a 56 year old man, namely Keith Printz, suffered and died while inside the care facility. The family of the deceased man said that the said facility is responsible for his death for such failure to provide his crucial medication that is needed to sustain his current condition at that moment. 

In an investigation by keith Printz family's lawfirm, he was sent to the said nursing home in the purpose of long-term care for the rehabilitation of his legs. After he was sent to the facility, he was diagnosed and suffered under a pulmonary embolism and was immediately sent to a hospital. It was found out later then that the nursing home didn't handled his prescribed blood thinner and caused his death then. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), has pertained that the series of actions taken by the nursing home was grossly negligent medical care.

IDPH Recent Issues in Care Facilities
According to the most recent Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) survey and studies, it has shows that there are multiple failures and mistakes that most facilities has commited all over the year such as:

  • Rude manners are often observed towards patients and elderly 

  • Dehydration is common among nursing homes across US, considered as failure to provide needs for their patients

  • In addition, other failure includes; assess weight loss, provide shower and hygiene routine, and medications that oftentimes leads to complex development of another disease or even death

  • There are missing reports and discrepancy on reports about every forms of abuse

  • Food are sometimes delivered cold, not appetiting and appropriate to its patients which are old and picky

  • Appropriate manner of monitoring patients, work schedule and flow of information are not observed consistently

What can family's victim of medical negligence can do?

Whenever you visit your elder family member and think that he's not in good shape and acting odd maybe because of negligence to his care that caused him to behave like that or has sustained cuts, bruises, and other form of injuries that is inflicted upon him and proved that it does. Then, you are eligible to file a medical negligence claim for the sake of your elder family member to make the nursing facility responsible for their actions. Hiring an lawyer can definitely spikes up your chances of getting your justice and compensation pay to cover the possible medical bills that may come for extended recuperation for your family member. 

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