Defensive Walking In Ohio

Defensive Walking In Ohio

Defensive Walking In Ohio 

In a road, all road users are susceptible to any form of road accident such as crashes and all of them may cause the accident itself because of few contributing factors such as road condition, car condition, weather, and human error itself. While all of these are simultaneously present in every road, road users have developed methods to avoid or minimize the risks of being involved in one as huge as possible through the practice of defensive driving.
According to National Safety Council (NSC), defensive driving is defined as driving intended to save lives, time, and money, in spite of current road and human condition currently surrounding you. This means that defensive driving is an acquired skill through practicing overtime wherein the consitent avoidance of accident through measures is being practiced. 
To be fair, for the pedestrians, they have few practices that have been developed overtime to avoid similar road negligences may lead too. Crossing streets is frightening too because of high speed cars and distractions are present, all together simultaneously. Poor lighting, blind spots, and other factors are things to watch out and consider when crossing, that is why defensive walking is being practiced by many as life-threatening injuries and even development of permanent disabilities could sprout out caused by involvement in such accidents. 
By books, defensive walking means considering everything when crossing the street before, during, and even after the event. This includes to take time to realize what is going to happen when crossing the street through observing when and where are the vehicles are going to and at or making communication with the driver if he/she is letting you pass or you letting him pass or when does he/she turn at.  

Depiction of Defensive Walking 

Defensive walking is confusing when described word by word, it would be easy to depict it using by the actions being practiced itself such as:

  • Walking on sidewalks when necessary and carefully

  • Following the traffic rules and signal lights when crossing or using the road

  • Looking left and right when crossing especially on a curb

  • Cautious when crossing or not crossing at all between parked cars that has caused blind spot

  • Still being cautious when crossing a driveway or parking lot exit

  • Making gestures to stand out when crossing to warn drivers that you are crossing

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