DIY Car Maintenance Tips

DIY Car Maintenance Tips

DIY Car Maintenance TipsWindshield Wiper Maintenance

Wiper blades are not designed to last a lifetime. Be prepared to change your wiper blades about twice per year. Go to an auto parts store or your dealer and be prepared to tell someone the make and model of your vehicle.  They will be able to tell you what blades you need. This should be a relatively simple task, involving only a screwdriver to remove old blades and replace them with the new ones.

Restore Cloudy Headlight Lenses

If you have a headlight assembly that includes a clear plastic cover, it may eventually become cloudy from age or exposure to weather. Your options are to replace the entire headlight assembly (pricier) or purchase a restoration kit and clean the lens to restore clarity.

Maintain Weather-Stripping

Over time, weather stripping around your doors may come loose and start to crumble. If you only need to reattach the stripping, you can usually find the clips that hold it in place or an adhesive at your local auto parts store or dealership. This is a simple fix and you can save money by getting the clips yourself and pushing the stripping back in place to fasten. If the stripping itself is too worn to continue to use, consider using Google or YouTube to learn how to replace the stripping itself and reattach it.

Paint Touch-Ups

As hard as you may try to avoid scratching or chipping the paint on your car, it happens. If you’d like to fix these flaws, invest in a can of touch-up paint from your dealership or auto parts store. You can apply the touch-up paint directly to the car with the applicator provided or a fine-haired paintbrush.

Add Coolant

Be sure to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for how often to change your coolant. However, if you feel that your fluid level is low and you want to add coolant between services, you can easily do this at home. Coolant can be purchased in many places, including gas stations, grocery stores, auto parts stores or large chain stores. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual for the proper mix and either buy the coolant pre-mixed or mix with distilled water at home. Some other DIY car maintenance tips include changing fuses and bulbs and removing carpet stains with stain remover. Again, there are many resources available to help you learn how to perform simple maintenance tasks. Be adventurous and have fun! Of course, even the best-maintained car can be involved in an accident, whether due to defects with the vehicle or because of driver error. We hope you never have to, but speak with an attorney at Ryan, LLP in Cleveland if you’re ever in an accident: 877-864-9495.

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