Driver Fatigue and how is it compared to Drunk Driving?

Driver Fatigue and how is it compared to Drunk Driving?

Human Error Contributing in Car Accidents in Ohio

Cars are a major component in the occurrence of accidents on our roadways. They can be caused by driver error, weather and other conditions like ice or rain that make driving more hazardous. People's behavior also plays an important role as they might not always take precautions when they should to avoid these hazards even though there may have been previous experiences with this type of situation before which could help them know what is needed for safety during their next trip out onto the open roadway. Every day people get into cars, put themselves behind the wheel and head toward destinations without considering how dangerous it really is being up against all sorts of unpredictable factors while operating such heavy machinery through confined spaces at high speeds where mistakes often mean life-changing consequences for drivers and passengers. One of these inconspicuous factor is called driver's fatigue

What is Driver Fatigue?

Driver fatigue is the physical and mental exhaustion that comes from long periods of time spent driving. Driver Fatigue can be caused by a number of factors such as It's typically the result of driving for long periods on an empty stomach or too little sleep. As well as stress brought about from work and family life getting in the way of restful hours at night where you could either catch up with your last week’s reading while laying down before bed after dinner- or not having to worry about cooking breakfast because it’ll already be done when you wake up! There are also cases were people take sleeping medicaitons which may affect their ability to stay awake during certain parts of their shift such as early mornings etc., but one common cause is prolonged exposure to high levels of stress hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline while under continuous performance pressure. This causes our mind-body system to become exhausted which in turn decreases attentiveness, reaction times, judgment skills and other cognitive abilities necessary for safe operation on roads with changing conditions.

Driver fatigue is also a term for the debilitating feelings induced by long periods driving in automobiles, especially at night or on busy highways. Although it's hard to pinpoint an exact cause and effect relationship due to various factors such as age, type of car driven, specific activities during travel etc., some studies have shown significant correlations between driver fatigue with sleep deprivation. Since it is a well-known fact that driving for an extended time without proper sleep will cause you to become more susceptible to accidents. In some cases, those who are suffering from both chronic fatigue and insomnia may not be able to operate heavy machinery at all. Many drivers have found themselves in dangerous situations including near misses or crashes after working long hours and then getting behind the wheel on little rest. Studies show that driver fatigue can lead people into making unsafe decisions while operating vehicles which could result in fatal consequences; even if they're dealing with just one of these conditions.

 How is Drowsy driving compared to Drunk Driving?

Drowsy driving is a serious problem for many Americans. Many of us underestimate how dangerous it can be to drive while sleepy, but the statistics show that drowsiness contributes in more than 100,000 car accidents each year. What are some dangers associated with Drowsy Driving similar to drunk driving? Sleep deprivation has been shown to adversely affect mood and cognitive function such as memory or decision making skills when compared to being well-rested (similar to a driver being drunk); drivers may have trouble staying awake at traffic lights and signs leading up to intersections causing them not see pedestrians crossing their path (characteristic as such is similar to impair vision under influence of alcohol); they could also miss other cars’ brake lights signaling an upcoming stop sign or red light (delayed reflexes of drunk driver in manifestation), which causes collisions from both sides of the intersection.

Drowsy Driving in Numbers

  •  There are 100,000 numbers of police-related report of cases of drowsy driving.
  • Out of the numbers given above, there were 1,550 fatalities and 71,000 of them are injuries. 
  • From the observation of AAA, there are estimated 328,000 drowsy-driving related crashes every year. It is three-fold larger than police-reported cases of such. 
  • And even those cases reported by police were remotely close than what actually it is, 109,000 of those drowsy driving reported crashes to AAA resulted in an injury and about 6,400 fatalities.

Where can Drowsy Driving leads to? 

Drowsy driving can lead to many different outcomes. It’s best not have any sleep at all before getting behind the wheel of a car than get too little rest and risk being impaired on your drive. Drowsy driving leads to many consequences- some more serious than others, but it is always better just to be safe rather than sorry when you're out there in traffic with other drivers who are also sleepy or less alert for various reasons. Here are some manifestatio of its consequences:

  • Fractures in Neck and Back Portion of the System
  • Burns from potential explosion of Car from friction and other external factors
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries potential sustainance from impact
  • Soft tissue injuries or Bruises 

Aside from drivers and passengers being susceptible from danger, property are also damaged as well as the event escalates:

  • Skidmarks and scrapes from friction
  • Dents and Deformation of shape of the vehicle
  • Paint damages 
  • Cracks and Breaking of Glasses

As these are damages being sustained, these can be also turned into your strength in the civil litigation process. The dangers of driving while drowsy are not to be underestimated. You could face fines and even jail time for your negligence, so it's in your best interest as well as the other drivers on the road that you stay awake when behind the wheel. If someone else was at fault in an accident because they were fatigued, then this might entitle them to compensation from their injuries sustained during said incident.

Driving while drowsy is negligent just like operating a vehicle under any form of impairment including alcohol or drugs; if impaired fatigue contributed to another driver getting into a crash with you than chances are high enough there could be some sort of compensation awarded after filing suit accordingly by taking precautions against being tired such as following traffic laws and regulations. 

Personal Injury Law Firm as first basis of defense and option for filing a Car Accident Claim

In the aftermath of a drowsy driving accident, victims are left debilitated and in need of intensive medical care. Between their recovery and all of the other disruption caused by an auto accident, it's important to file for car accidents as soon as possible so that you can recover compensation from negligent drivers who put your safety at risk. A personal injury lawyer can help you through the process of filing a claim while you are injured. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and nothing is missed during your recovery. A car accident victim's best option for dealing with their injuries in an expedited manner would be to hire a personal injury lawyer who specializes in this field, so as not to miss any important details when they're still healing from surgery or recovering from medical treatment themselves, a victim's immediacy to act to settle the matter will be rewarded in a form of compensation pay. 

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