Driving a Company Vehicle Must-know Laws

Driving a Company Vehicle Must-know Laws

Driving a Company Vehicle Must-know Laws 

A huge perk as someone working in a company is the privilege granted to use their company vehicles as you can utilize that car for personal travel as well and save money each year, but along with that level of convenience entails a great responsibility that weighs on that specific employee granted with the privilege. As driving a company vehicle has its drawbacks when exposed to risks and it is understandable how vehicle crashes are one of the most cause of deaths in U.S. and in addition, the data according to an RoadSafe, there are estimated three million company cars on the road each year and 1 of 3 of these car is involved in an accident each year as well. 

However tricky, both employees and employers has some share of negligence shown in every car accident that involves company cars and in this blog, we are going to shed light to these liabilities carried by the two involved in the use of a company vehicle. 

As an Employee

As an employee who is entrusted to utilize a company vehicle, it is crucial to take note and keep in mind that you are liable to few things and should be responsible to these: 

  • Make sure that you have logged every activities where it involves your company car and is legally permitted to drive at either inside and outside of work hours)
  • Get knowledgable about insurance policy with your employer if ever an accident would occur
  • Be responsible on and off the road when using the vehicle

The employee would likely be liable when:

  • he/she is involved in a car crash when running personal where-abouts
  • he/she has been involved or is committing a crime while driving the company car and got into a crash

As an employer

On employers' end, he/she has also weights and responsibilities to bear equally to the employee when handing over the responsibility of a company car. He/she should take note that:

  • Make sure that the employee being entrusted the company car is eligible and qualified to drive a car 
  • Has knowledge over road rules 
  • Worked over character tests and tendency tests over the employee

The employer will be likely liable when: 

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