Elective Surgery

Elective Surgery

Elective Surgery

When we are talking about surgeries, the first thing that would go through our mind are injuries that were nearly-severed from an accident or open injuries from cystic ruptures and other dire health conditions that require immediate and serious medical attention. But there is an other form of surgery where it doesn't has to be done immediately and is needing a schedule before proceeding. 

This type of surgery is called elective surgery, in which every surgery that falls in this category is scheduled in advance because it is non-urgent and its concerned health conditions doesn't involve medical urgency. While its sub-type is semi-elective surgery wherein a surgery is scheduled to preserve a patient's life but is not required to be performed immediately. 

What are the common types of Elective Surgeries?  

Here are some common elective surgeries, it is observed that it ranges from external to internal surgeries: 

  • Facial and cosmetic Surgeries 

  • Cleft Lip Repairs

  • Ear Tube Surgery

  • Tonsillectomies

  • Bariatric Surgery (Weight Loss Surgeries or Removing of Fats)

  • Hernia Repair

  • Eye Surgery for Cataracts or Strabismus

  • Spinal Fusion Surgery for Scoliosis

  • Sports Injuries Surgery

Though, elective surgeries doesn't have to be done immediately or aren't needed urgency, most of these surgeries alter one's life depending on the surgery such as cleft lip surgeries. And given they're life changing at most extent, most of these surgeries doesn't scar that much and most are same-day surgeries that doesn't need hospitalization or hospital stays. 

Elective Surgery Error Statistics

This study was done by Kids Health Organization wherein they have studied 1108 elective surgeries errors comprising 76.1% cranial, 22.7% spinal, and 1.2% other procedures between years May 2000 and August 2006:

  • More than 2600 errors were committed on less than 90% of the cases. 

  • Common errors observed were technical (27.8%), contamination (25.3%), equipment failure or missing equipment (18.2%), or related to delay (12.5%).

  • Of the number of errors, more than 22% were major and the remaining 77% were minor while the 2.7% were substantially impacted the medical process of the patient. 

  • Of the same numbers of error, almost 80% were said to be preventable. 

  • On the said complication errors, 16.7% were still related to errors. 

  • On the error- related complications, almost 75% were said preventable. 

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