Electric Cars Tendencies of Accidents

Electric Cars Tendencies of Accidents

Electric Cars Tendencies of Accidents 

With our present technology, we have let ourselves, specifically every road user to use more convinient, environment-lenient cars called electronic cars. These cars, as the name suggests, are powered by not fuel but by electricity which is stored in battery and replenished its power through charging. Electric Cars are eco-friendly, convenient, and is less expensive as they doesn't require constant maintenance. Though these benefits entail with risk as most electric car brands has unstable established features such as self-driving, light materials which can be easily wrecked in the exterior and inside the batteries which pose some problems. 

In this blog, we are going to take about electric cars tendencies to be involved in an accident or how does it do when encountered a distracted or negligent drivers along highways or how can it withstand bad road condition or rigorous weather. 

Undetectable by human ears along pedestrian cross

It is given that electric cars produces no sound but their horn and given that, it would be hard for a walking pedestrian or cyclist who does produce little to none sound from what he is riding on, it would be problematic for them to expect each other and prepare to stop or respond for their actions, this goes true as well for truck drivers and four wheel vehicles that are naturally fast even if they meant to slow down, it is fast enough for slow vehicles and other means of transport such as electric cars which can lead to a bad crash.  

With electric car's soft exterior which is commonly made of light metals and hard plastics, it is expected to for a crash involving electric car to have severe property damage, physical injuries and other collateral damage. Accident between pedestrian and cyclists from electric cars would be bad as well, even if it is slow, cyclsits or pedestrians might sustain significant damage as well. 

Self Driving Features Errors 

Electric cars boasts their self driving mode aside from their silent engine which is pleasing but has risks entailed as well. From recent studies, famous auto pilot systems and mechanisms are not fully capable of safe cruising on normal road environment, specifically, busy environment. 

Falling asleep while in hands free mode was also reported on some states as they treat these electric cars as autonomous vehicles which is wrong and dangerous if thought well and may harm everyone whose driving along electric vehicles along road. 

Battery Dangers

Another potential danger posed by electric cars comes from the batteries that power the vehicles. Lithium-ion batteries are used to power the motors and internal electronics of many electric vehicles. If exposed to any amount of water, including moisture in the air, the lithium begins to react and get hot. At a hot enough temperature, the lithium will ignite and burn. If the battery is damaged in a collision, any people in or near the vehicle could get seriously burned.

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