Electric Scooters and Hoverboards usage on Main Roads

Electric Scooters and Hoverboards usage on Main Roads

Electric Scooters and Hoverboards usage on Main Roads

Hoverboards are a new type of ride-able board that is propelled by the rider. They have taken over as one of the hottest Christmas gifts and come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price ranges for every budget. Electric scooters work just like hover boards but often times they can be ridden with your feet on either side to allow you to "stand" while riding it or even sit down if desired.

Hoverboards were once only practical purchases for people looking into extreme sports such as skateboarding; now however they've become popular enough amongst children due their light weight design making them easy to carry up stairs without breaking anything along the way. Since it became a trend as well among to older ages, some were used as a mode of transportation as it is viable and practical for such feat and now are widely spread on main roadways. Similar to any other vehicular product, along with its growing users on road is the increasing tendencies of it to be involved in many accidents. 

How do they work as a vehicle

According to some testimonies and experience review from commuter-users, they have considered this option of transportation because of close distance from point to point (home to work to home), literally no gas fees and saves money rather than expensive public vehicles, and fast than walking and evades traffic, making it an efficient transportation for working individuals. Most users of these are situated in side lanes and sometimes along the utmost inner lane when taking turn is needed, though it was recommeneded to be only used in sidewalks and treat as an entity lower than bicycles. 

Given that, it is understandable that the risk of using these average-moving "vehicle" in crossing and maneuvering along great highways is crazy high and on top of that is the contributing speed of a car in an accident which scales badly. Speed is better than average car stuck in traffic and are highly recommended in medium to little distanced transportation. 

Accidents and its Tendencies (CNetTheConversation)

  • Through 2014 to 2018, there were 40,000 cases of fractures, head injuries and skin-level injuries were reported in those four years. 
  • Complimenting words from previous texts, accidents occurred among age ranges from 18 to 34 and has rate of 6 per 100,000 to 19 per 100,000.
  • Since 2018, there were 30 people killed in riding scooters and hoverboards on streets and 80% of it are involved in crashes.
  • To look more at age-related cases, ages 6 (2014) are the major victims; ages 7 (2015), ages 8 (2016), ages 10 (2017), ages 19 (2018); unfortunately only 5% of those uninjured wore helmet at the time.
  • 60% of car-scooter crashes are roots from sidewalk scooters even though it was prohibited. 
  • 2/3 of more than 1,000 fatalities involving scooters were caused by being struck by cars and loses their balance.
  • 80% of both bike and e-scooter collisions happened at intersections, and 70% of them occurred in daylight. 

Effects of Scooter and Hoverboard accidents

As nature of accidents, sustaining injuries is common, may it be a minimal or major injury and by luck and circumstance, one may be left unscathed. In scooters and hoverboards cases, rider is not encapsulate or protected by any second projectiles unlike cars, expecting to sustain roadrashes, fractures, light head injury and other open wounds would be highly optimal for one to be encouraged to wear helmet and other safety pads, following road signs and demeanor can significantly lower the chances as well.

Law Amendments 

Some states in US has implemented connected bike lanes along with covered intersections that gives them freedom and assurance for crossing such and giving them cue when to cross. Optimization on bike lanes to be a comfortable as road for car are also simultaneously happening. 

Sustenance of Injury 

Hitting a car while riding on your hoverboard or scooter can be dangerous and damaging. To avoid injury, ride at safe speeds to make sure you stay in control of the board/scooter as it will not break if struck by a running object like a car. If possible, go with someone who knows how to operate one safely and carefully because they are much more difficult than other types of boards and skateboards. You'll feel safer knowing that there is somebody else around for help if something does happen because accidents do happen - even when it's just going down the street.

If you find yourself in a scooter-car collision and sustains an injury, hiring an injury lawyer is the best course of action. A victim may go to the nearest hospital with someone's assistance and call someone in your family to take care of quotation of medical bills and other payments for you to present to your hired injury lawyer, letting your lawyer to do civil litigation while one is recuperating is the optimal option. 

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