Expired License and Personal Injury Claims

Expired License and Personal Injury Claims

Expired License and Personal Injury

Driving without license or even an expired one is against the law, it is similar to committing or being involved in a car crash, yes, it is that bad. As having a vaild license, it evaluates someone if he/she has the ability to drive a car and an extended and updated knowledge on every traffic rules and signs imposed on daily roads. Our authority makes sure that every road user has valid license as one means to avoid accidents for either failing to recognize a sign or on rare cases, doesn't have full knowledge on driving a car. 

Ohio is an at-fault state by law, where it states that the person who have caused the accident or called at-fault with definite proof and evidences is liable to every bits of damage that the accident has dealt. But, what would happen if a driver is involved in an accident and upon the event, authorities has discovered that the victim has no license? 

In this blog, we are going to talk about how at-fault states and its lawyers deal with these types of rare occurences. 

If you caused the accident

Given that you are in an at-fault state, it is likely that the liability will goes all for you and has chances of being filed a lawsuit and if the case is strong enough, then you will be imprisoned for an indefinite number of months and revoking your license as well for a year or so, and in the least, you will be able to counter claim against the driver's insurers. 

But, if the case was you were partially at fault but the other driver has larger share for the liability according to assessments, then you can file a claim to cover damages and expenses sprouted from the recent accident. This concept is called partially at fault cases, where the liability is measured by numbers, specifically percentage, such as 60% to at-fault driver and 40% to the victim, such as that. This concept's complexity is scalable and can be worked out with a licensed and experienced attorney who have clients previously similar to this case and is successful representing it. 

As a victim of negligence of a driver who has expired license

As an at-fault state implies by law, liabilities from the following accident is blamed to the certain person who is found and proven to be at fault and has caused the accident where he is susceptible for claims against him and his insurer to cover victims' medical expenses and other damages. 

It may seem that it would be easy for victims to win, but insurers would argue how disobedient victims driving with an expired license and may likely to reduce the settlement pay significantly, that is why hiring a lawyer would be essential for you to claim righftul amount of compensation pay and properly exercise your rights as a victim as insurers love to skip that part. 

What are the penalties for driving with expired license?

Police and local government is not lenient when it comes to violating traffic laws as it breaches the safety not only for the other road users but as well as for civilans. In case of driving with an expired license, police charge drivers of misdemeanor or an infraction, where you will face up to six months of imprisonment and be fined up to $250 and the weigh of these punishments increases by frequency up to $1000 and a year or so in jail. 

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If ever you were involved in an accident as a fallen victim due to a driver who have been negligent or has fell victim to his own condition or tendencies such as driving recklessly without license, you can always file an injury claim. 

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