Facial Paralysis from Cleveland Anesthesia Error

Facial Paralysis from Cleveland Anesthesia Error

Paralysis Due To AnesthesiaGrowing Popularity of Local Anesthetics

A number of cosmetic surgeons now advertise or promote their services as being 100 percent “general anesthesia -free.” Surgeons now perform a number of cosmetic procedures under local anesthesia including:
  • rhinoplasty;
  • chin implants;
  • cheek implants;
  • cheek augmentation;
  • lip augmentation; and
  • brow lifts.
Discuss use of anesthesia with the doctor beforehand and inquire about the risks and benefits of each option.

Complications of Local Anesthesia

One of the complications of the use of such local anesthesia is facial paralysis. Facial nerve paralysis might be the result of an error during administration. It might involve damage to the facial nerves. In most cases, the facial nerve paralysis may last for just a short duration and resolve itself relatively quickly. However, in rare cases, the unwanted paralysis may continue for a long time. This can cause serious patient distress. While using local instead of general anesthesia may reduce the risk of complications and side effects overall, it’s important to discuss possible complications of a local anesthetic so you understand the risks involved.

Do you need legal help after an anesthesia error?

Every day, thousands of local anesthesia injections are administered across Cleveland. An overwhelming majority of these will have no long-term complications or side effects. However, in some cases, patients may suffer complications. If complications from local anesthesia are attributed to an error in administration, you may be entitled to pursue a medical malpractice claim against the healthcare professional responsible. Like any malpractice case, yours must establish that the healthcare professional deviated from a standard of care and that the professional’s negligence caused your injury and damages. If the healthcare professional followed all protocols and did not deviate from the standard of care, then you may not have a case. Similarly, if you suffer only transient paralysis after your procedure, a malpractice claim is likely unwarranted. Discuss the details of your case with a lawyer familiar with medical malpractice law in Cleveland. If you have suffered facial paralysis because you believe a doctor made an anesthesia error, speak with a medical malpractice lawyer at Ryan, LLP in Cleveland, Ohio about your rights to compensation for related damages. Call 877-864-9495 to schedule a free initial consultation with an attorney, or fill out our online consultation form.

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