Factors that can affect the severity of damage sustained in a car crash

Factors that can affect the severity of damage sustained in a car crash

Factors that can affect the severity of damage sustained in a car crash

From all those car accidents that had happened in the past few years and the accidents that happened now, they all have something in common, they are caused by something adverse, either intentional or unintentional factors. These factors ranges from small to large scale factors and each presence of these factors can deal as well minor to major damages to people involved and if there are many factors are involved, it could render to deaths and massive property damage which should be look out for. 

Here are some common factors that affect the severity of damage sustained in a car crash that tend to have drastic effects on latter stages following an accident: 

Posture and Body Position

Bad posture and body positioning on your seat could scale and determine the damage of the accident's impact to your body. Whether you were sitting upright and facing forward or almost sloppy and didn't sit properly, both has significant effects on your condition following an accident, it may be good or bad. Seatbelts can help lessen the risk posed by sloppy body position most of the times.  

Impact on Specific Body Part 

Depending what side did the impact of an accident hit and your position inside the car matters too.  If one person involved in a car crash that was on the passenger seat and was involved in a head-to-head crash, it is likely to result in bad sustenance of injury for both people in front, all blunt damages and no aftershock or extended body motioned involved.  


In most states, it is a requirement and a law to wear seatbelts and restrains for children as it is one of the most trusted and known cheap safety measure when riding a car or even minimize sustenance of damage when involved in one. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seatbelts significantly reduce risk of serious injuries by 50% and death by 45% when used along driving. It could save people involved from neck and back injuries as well as it maintain your posture and position. 

Speed of Cars Crashed

Both high and low speed car accidents cause different outcomes on an accident, never expect not to sustain injuries when involved in one if you or the people involved haven't even follow traffic regulations such as wearing restrains as low speed car accidents cause serious and posing threat of disabilities and even death as it seriously injure one's neck and back or what they called traumatic brain injuries (TBI) while high speed accidents cause more physical and property damage compared to low speed car crashes. 


Among all safety features, airbags are said to be least reliable but they get the most trust when it countsas they reduce death and injuries by 30% and 50% when worn along with seatbelts. Since they protect your upper body and head from hitting hard surfaces when they activate even from minor impact.

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