Falling Debris Risks In a Construction Workplace

Falling Debris Risks In a Construction Workplace

Falling Debris Risks In a Construction Workplace

Aside from falling and cuts, another workplace hazard that construction workers face are the falling debris that is as well unexpected just like other hazards. Falling debris is one common accidents that causes injuries on construction sites as well as in other work places as well. They are in a form of concrete debris , tools, supplies, and other objects wherein that has been dropped from a height can cause severe injuries as well as fatalities.

There is an uncalculated chances that construction workers may be struck by unrestrained tools that fell off from scaffolding, ladders, and other hieghts. Debris that fell off from a crane may be a possiblity to cause injury and power tools may throw off shrapnels and other sharp objects that may penetrate through someone's skin because of lack of protective gears. There is even a chance of concrete collapse that may bury everyone else below because of poor materials being used. 

Statistics and Numbers related to Falling Debris 

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falling debris or being struck by an object is one of the most fatal and infamous accident that frequently occur in a construction work place. In their recent study on 2018, it shows that:

  • 1 out of 5 on every construction worker fatalities is caused by struck by being a falling object causes.

  • There is an average of two fatalities every week that involves struck by a falling object accident. 

  • Overly estimated of 1000 people died, almost 3 everyday, on the course of their jobs. 

  • Fall is the number one cause of death in the construction followed by struck by falling object. 

What are the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations regarding objects? 

OSHA has established comprehensive guidelines to mitigate the chances of such accidents from occuring. They affirm and encourage employers and employees to abide to:

  • Stapling tools, materials and heavy equipments if situated in elevated space or storage. Clearing scattered items on the surface is recommended and encouraged as well. 

  • Frequently use signages, barricades and warning tapes or stands against spillage, shattered materials and other possible hazards.

  • Integrate debris nets, catch platforms (grills and metals), and canopies to catch or deflect falling items as well as prevent workers from falling.

  • Put metal screens on scaffold and debris nets for materials won't easily slip away and fell off.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations states that all materials, equipment, and other materials while idle should be secured and kept away to avoid impedement and slipage. Despite, unceasing warnings by the OSHA, these regulations are often ignored at construction sites, rendering workers to be exposed of such risk.

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