Falls leading to Emergency Room Treatment

Falls leading to Emergency Room Treatment

Falls leading to Emergency Room Treatment 

By books, a fall is defined as an occurrence as a result of a person stepping or putting full force on an uneven ground and as a result, they experience fall and likely to sustain light to serious injury depending on the degree of fall, it can be categorized as fatal or non-fatal. 

From a retrospect, fall usually occur to individuals who are aging from 65 and older as millions of them around their age. Specifically, 25% of these individuals around their age fall each year as some researches suggest that falling once may double one's chances of falling again because of muscle memory and injuries sustained from past events. 

Fall Occurrence Statistics
These statitiscs are from combined results of studies by National Security Council (NSC) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): 

  • 20% cases of falls results in severe sustenance of injury such as fractures and head or back injuries. 

  • Every year there are more than 3 million older people who are treated in emergency rooms with injuries related to fall and over 800,000 individuals suffer from fall injury, such as head injury or lower body fractures. 

  • In lower body fractures, the statementa above emphasizes hip fractures as 300,000 elderly people are hospitalized each year and 95% of these hip fractures are caused by falling.

  • Aside from hip fractures, falls also constitute to most common cause of traumatic brain injury globally. 

  • Outside household, falls also account for 880 workers to die in 2019 and 244,00 were non-fatally injuried. 

What causes fall in the first place?

In a recent study 700,000 to 1 million individuals fall every year inside hospitals in U.S., more than 30% of these falls are admitted to be preventable if risks are addressed and acknowledged by people inside the hospital including patients that should be helped and assisted properly by their attendant. So, with that said, here are some common causes of fall in an American hospital:

  • Nursing homes has elderly population so facilities as such tend to have higher chances of report cases of falls

  • Bad and unnoticed sudden drop of surface in a hospital may cause fall as well not only for elder even for its workers

  • Shortage of nurse and mental state of nurse or guardian of patient can be a cause to increase the chances of occurrence of fall even within in nurse's watch or it maybe even caused by the nurse herself to cause the fall if she isn't in good shape either to cater numbers of patients due to shortage

  • Lack of presence of a professional individual to recommend a work flow and establish an organization among professional workers inside the establishment

Medical Malpractice Claim

A medical malpractice is a term used when a an individual or a group of medical health professional failed to provide or neglected a patient in need of their expertise of their service and has caused the patient in need to be in danger, sustained injuries, or even death to a patient. Medical malpractice is pretty easy to identify as it constitutes the inappropriate action, response and giving substandard treatment to the patient. 

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