Fee for Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Fee for Hiring a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Fee for Hiring a Medical Malpractice AttorneyHow Contingency Fees Work

Most patients can hire an attorney to represent them at no upfront cost to them. A contingency fee is one paid only if the plaintiff recovers compensation for damages via a settlement or judgment. Attorneys will receive an agreed-upon percentage of the recovery. The terms of a malpractice attorney’s contingency fee can vary, as some attorneys may require payment of court costs even if the case is unsuccessful. Because attorneys only recover if you recover, many are selective about which cases they take. Taking a case with little chance of success does not benefit the attorney who works on a contingency fee basis. And it doesn’t help a patient who may not have grounds to bring a legal case. Ryan, LLP carefully screens and evaluates each case that comes to our office. We only accept cases that we believe have grounds to take legal action and have a good outlook for financial recovery for our clients.

Is there a limit on attorney fees?

Ohio doesn’t have a limit on lawyer fees for medical malpractice cases. Many attorneys charge a contingency fee of about one-third of the settlement or judgment, though this can vary. While some patients are surprised that the attorney takes a percentage of a settlement, the benefit of having an attorney by your side can far outweigh the fee you’ll pay on recovery. An attorney will have resources to secure and preserve evidence and present a case on your behalf. The attorney can also help file the complaint, which should list all damages including statutory damages and even attorney’s fees. Make sure you fully discuss the fee structure and the costs for which you’ll be responsible before you hire the attorney. Also be sure to read the attorney’s contract before signing it. This way, there are no surprises at the conclusion of your case.

What legal and incidental costs may I have to pay?

The costs for which you’ll be responsible might vary from one attorney to the next.  However, the most expensive area for a medical malpractice case are the expert reports and testimony.  These include doctor testimony that offer the standard of care opinion and how the defendants deviated from these standards.  Without this testimony, there is no case, so the costs of these services are necessary to present your case to the jury. In addition, there may be other legal expenses relating to bringing your case. Some charge for making copies, traveling expenses, and more. Again, be sure to read your contact and inquire about the costs for which you’ll be responsible before you hire an attorney. At Ryan, LLP, we take pride in offering legal representation at a carefully managed cost, helping injured patients across Cleveland recover fair compensation from a negligent medical professional.

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