Firefighters’ Line-of-work Dangers

Firefighters' Line-of-work Dangers

Firefighters' Line-of-work Dangers 

Firefighters are a type of rescuers that are specifically trained in firefighting, whose primary goal is to extinguish fire that sprouts out from any building or residential houses as well as fires that threatens environment, they also rescue people who are trapped inside buildings or houses with the fire and animals from hazardous fire. Along with police and other risky jobs out there, firefighters as well face great amount of risk while performing their jobs, some are seen and some are not such as smokes that they are used and knew they would be facing. 

Common Dangers to Firefighters when in Action 

Firefighters' job isn't simply about extinguishing fires in a location, it may not as complex as it sound and how they execute their job, but is really is as it requires physical and mental training as preparedness for what they may run into and see along their duty, the presence of mind and physical capacity and someone's burden that they have to bear while performing their job is something to commend. The risk they are facing are also huge, some of them are: 

  • Physical Danger

    As mentioned above, most risks that firefighters face are physical danger that would cause them to sustain physical injuries. These risks poses danger physically are commonly identified as fires and burns, collapsing and falling objects, and stationary risks such as sharp objects in the surface. On local people with a relative firefighter, they expect following performing their duty an injury sustained, may it be minor or fatal. Even with bulky, fireproof, and shockproof uniforms that they are wearing, it would still cause them danger since it wear out or bottlenecked by a risk. 

  • Nontangible Dangers

    Aside from the risk of collapsing structures and others, firefighters are open for the risk of nontangible hazards as they also suffer from heat exhaustion and smoke inhalation that may give them long term diseases and health conditions overtime such as asthma, chronic coughing that may lead to complications if left unchecked, cancer and damage in lungs and throat. They may appear to be healthy and didn't sustained injury after their job, but their inner body took most of the toll of their job. 

  • Mental Disorientation

    Jobs that has relatively violent interaction and experience are said to be associated with mental issues, soldiers along with firefighters and police, they have also chances of developing and sustaining mental traumas such as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. As the nature of the job is pretty violent and chaotic where loud explosions, large debris and sometimes cry of the victims is natural and it may instill to a firefighter's mind and may recall it even after their duty, it would likely to develop stress, anxiety and depression and as a result, development of poor sleeping habit or insomnia at an extent they may say. 

Firefighters Numbers, Age Groups of Susceptibility

Here are some statistics to give an insight on who are susceptible for these dangers and their tendencies, from National Fire Protection Association (NFPA):

  • From the association, they have estimated that in 2018 there are 1,150,000 career and volunteer firefighters in U.S., and majority of the percentage goes to volunteer firefighter as they have 67% or 745,000 number and only more than half of the number are career based. And surprisingly, 8% or 93,700 of the total population were female, career firefighters were numbered at 15,200 or 4% while 78,500 are volunteer firefighter having percentage of 11%. 

  • Half of the total numbers of firefighters are aged between 30-49 yearls old. 

  • Concerning that even though there are 29,705 fire departments across United States, there are still 38% fire departments has no emergency medical services, 45% BLS or basic life support and 17% only provide advanced life support (ALS) in 2018. 

Management Negligence that caused Injuries and Death

Given that there are hazards that pose risks to firefighters entailed to their duty, they are as well entitled to file for a worker's compensation as whenever they fulfill their duty, they face the risk of sustaining an injury or even death. For starters, workers comp or workers' compensation is another form of free insurance where it provides victims of management or employer's negligence that caused them injury or death a replacement of their lost wage and financial assistance for their medical bills and property damage as an exchange of not suing their employer or the management.  

As firefighter oncounter many risks, and if ever they were caught off-guard by one of those risk, they can always file for a worker's compensation and hire a lawyer for a better progression of the filing. Ryan LLP is an Ohio based injury lawyers that professionally represents their clients' who became victim of negligence, call our office now for free legal consultation. 

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