Fog-Caused Car Accidents

Fog-Caused Car Accidents

Fog-Caused Car Accidents 

From our previous blogs, it is known that all forms of weather condition can drastically affect drivers' experience and decision-making while driving and staying safe along road. One weather condition that offers a lot of risk as well that rivals winter is foggy weather which are common on high places and depending on weather, could appear in most states as well. 

Though, traffic-related government agencies are aware of such risks during foggy weather and has imposed few countermeasures and caution through signages and traffic safety guidelines to minimize the risk of occurrence of a car accident. Unfortunately, even some drivers who drive carefully, there are those drivers who behave recklessly or has low skills to avoid an accident amidst foggy weather.

This is evident as reports claim that fog had led road users to be involved in more than 31,000 crashes annually. On those recorded numbers, more than 11,000 people suffered either minor or major injuries and 500+ of them were fatal on the same yearly average. 

How to Drive in Fog

  • Minimize distractions such as mobile phones and eating
  • Maintain Driving at Low Speed since you might come across with an animal 
  • Roll down windows for visibility on sides
  • Maximize vision through noticing roadside reflector as guide. 

  • Constantly use defrosters and wipers.

  • Drive with low beams on straight roads and high beams briefly on curves.

  • Don't practice tailgating while on fog and instead increase your distance from following car and fronting car. 

Its Risks 

According to Federal Highway Administration (FHA), truly, weather does increase the risk of a traffic crash in multiple ways. Weather compliments with your negligence on car maintenance or even your behavior towards road which could double the chance of an accident. 

In this case, fog could make the whole road foggy which lowers visibility for drivers to barely see and may increase the chances of an accident when driving on high speed and even worse if unrestrained. 

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