Fraudulent Car Crashes

Fraudulent Car Crashes

Fraudulent Car Crashes

Car accidents are commonly experienced unexpectedly because of few contributing factors but there is an accident where there is no factor present that makes it intentional accident such as staged car accidents used by scammers to milk out a specific settlement value from the claim that they'd possibly file against you as the accident they staged will make you appear as an apparent at-fault party. 

Even an unintentional or usual road crash is stressful and confusing enough to determine who's at fault and what are the causes, but these staged accidents can be more hard to dealt with as even the witnesses around the scene of the accident is as well an accomplice to the scammer driver and consequently, it would strengthen the claim the scammer filed because of the presence of "credible" witnesses and the victim driver would likely to be confused and as well comply into scammers' accord. 

As it is essential to have the knowledge and ability to identify an accident whether it is staged or unintentional to avoid being held down and expend money unexpectedly and as well as to avoid ignorance too, that is why in this blog, we are going to talk more staged accident and what are its types and how it is executed by scammers. 

Common Types of Fraudulent Car Crashes

Here are some common forms of staged car crashes that scammers used in the past few years up until now so that it will be convinient to and for them to be entitled to file an injury claim:

Intentional T-bone Style Crash

Unlike common unintentional T-bone style crashes, scammer driver attempts to intentionally driver towards red light and upon you passing through the intersection, the victim has high chances of hitting the scammer driver and make it appear to be your fault and is your liability. And this is where the witness comes in, as his statements would be all against you such as even if you had the green light and right of the way, he would say that you beat the red light and caused the accident. Installment of dashcams or trusting upon traffic cameras and asking for the footage, would likely to win against the scammer's claim.

Swoop and Squat or staged crash

The swoop and squat crash is the most basic and common staged crash among all of these listed, the term squat in the phrase means a squat vehicle pulls in front of victim's car while the swoop vehicle plays in front of the squat vehicle and immediately brakes without any notice making as it seemed that the victim driver caused the accident as he had no time left to react as stop or swerve to avoid the crash and since he is behind making it an apparent rear-end car crash. This usually happens on highways and freeways and usually involves up to four vehicles including the victim. 

Left Turn Drive Down

From those other staged accident, this is rare as is requires for the victim to make a left turn. This escalates by a one scammer driver to head on your opposite way as you go, and another scammer driver starts to block your front path and before you can brake there is another scammer you are about to hit. To be concise, this type of staged accident makes you look like violated the right of the way and caused the crash. 

Curb Drive Down

This one is the fastest to escalate among all other car staged accident, as the scammer driver seemed to make the traffic clear and makes the victim think that the traffic is clear, then the scammer's car immediately appear infront of the victim's car as he accelerate to make it appear that he bumped to his rear and caused the accident. 


  • Between 15 to 17% of total claim settlment payments for auto accident related injuries insurances in 2012 are fraudulent accordng to Insurance Research Council (IRC). 

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) estimates that the total cost of insurance fraud is more than $40 billion per year, and averages between 400$ and 700$ per family costs insurance fraud per year. 
  • In relation to the previous statement, the total worth of insurance fraud is more than $80 billion to the consumers. 

  • According to a previous survey, 78% of all american citizen are worried about insurance fraud. 

  • Roughly 7,000 insurance organizations exist in U.S. alone.

Contact your Personal Injury Lawyer

If ever you or one of your family members has been involved or has experienced an road accident as a victim and was perplex and was skepltical about how the accident occurred whether he/she is driving negligently, you can always refer help from a professional experienced injury lawyer to smoothen things out and work together to unveil what malice and fraudulent activities was on behind the scenes. 

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