Frequent Violations in a Truck-related Accidents

Frequent Violations in a Truck-related Accidents

Violations in a Truck-related Accidents 

Since 2019, the number of truck-related fatalities has significantly increased from 2009 by 31% as it places at 4,119. In relation to this, years back then there were truck regulations that were established by the federal state for the general commercial trucking industry safety and protection of its workers in the purpose of minimizing deaths and injuries as well as accidents in general. 
In previous years, the U.S. government established Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a government agency that regulates the general trucking industry in U.S. that helps imporve the drivers' safety and driving safety when using road along with other government agencies concern to traffic safety.
Within the provision of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), trucking and logistics company are caught, reprimanded, and punished when committed a violation against the general regulation from the specific agency, but even years after the establishment and instilling the regulations to trucking companies, the repititive behavior of violating those regulation is still observed up until now. Even if they fairly know that when drivers or companies who ignore or violate to rules, they put themselves in risk of getting involved in an accident, either sustaining injuries or killed. Here are some of the most coomon truck driver or company violations: 

Driving under Influence of Drug and Alcohol (DUI)

Aside from the FMCSA, other branches of government agency do discourage the usage of alcohol and drugs while driving and even highly discourage drivers who were drunk and still wants to travel. It is a general knowledge that usage of these substances could impair vision and lessen one's cognitive ability and reflexes as well as narrowing one's awareness and cause major accident according to the retrospect. 

In federal regulations, it is a violation for truck companies who doesn't test their hired employees especially following an accident if they were positive from substance use and alcohol.  

Apparent Driver's Negligence to Traffic Laws

Similar to usual causes of car accidents along road, trucks who violate common traffic law and norms could lead them to an accident. Failure to yield right of the road, beating red lights, overspeeding, no notice when turning, and etc are common traffic violations that has led to accident even among smaller vehicles and how much more to these large trucks which hurts most trucking company and may receive indefinite punishment from the said agency. 

Excessive Work Hours

In the regulation from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR), it states that there should be a definite working hours limit for truck drivers without rest to avoid being sleep deprived and fatigue driving. But it would be difficult for drivers to reach their average pay as they need to complete quota without exceeding to the limited hours. 

Fraudulent Logbook Information

Though it is not dangerous compared to the other three mentioned violations against the federal regulation, fake information of workers' logbook could pose a delay and inconsistency of information flow when there is a need for a search and a complaint from other road user or other company about a specific driver's personal issue or his driving practices. 

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