General Causes of Car Accidents Part 2

General Causes of Car Accidents Part 2

General Causes of Car Accidents Part 2

This blog is a continuation of the general causes of car accidents, as causes of car accidents has no known lines of times nor identity of someone. It is unfortunate that millions of people fallen victim over vehicular accidents yearly even it is all preventable. This stemmed from unawareness of road users of the circumstances that became required condition for an accident to happen. In bridging the previous blog, these are the other causes of accidents.

  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUI)

    Apart from alcohol, other substances intake such as drugs could cause impaired vision, cognition, and even movements that could pose a serious threat to other road users as well as the driver himself when driving a car. May it be prescription drugs or illegal drugs, there are certain effects that could take place inside your body that could give negative impact when driving. If you are under influence of a certain drugs and unsure about your driving skill in the moment, try to hold off the travel or let a replacement driver take over the wheels. 

  • Teenage/New Drivers

    It is an accepted fact that new drivers aren't as careful as experienced drivers. Most of these drivers are teen who have just started learning to drive, who doesn't check corners when crossing, disregarding signal lights, and checking blind spots which exposing them to the risk of being involved in an accident. The risk pose by teenagers in road is evident as in the recent year, almost 2,400 teens aged 13-19 were killed and more than 250,000 were treated in emergency departments for sustaining injuries from vehicular accidents in U.S. alone according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

  • Road Rage

    There are various reasons that could trigger the anger of a driver in road, elements such as rude road manners, rushing for schedule, and impatience are some. If one of those element could trigger a driver, they tend to do unwise decisions and lead them to an unfortunate event such as an accident. 

    Tailgating is one effect of road rage or could cause a road rage. Specifically, tailgating is a bad driving practice where a driver is driving behind another vehicle leaving with little to none distance between them, in either fast or slow pace, which is risky. Many fatal accidents and even minor accidents happened due to road rage and its covered effects.

  • Deadly Curves

    Usually associated with speeding, deadly curves are known to be fatal locations on news headlines. Drivers lose control over their vehicle on curves even on low speed. It is important to orient yourself when approaching a sign saying sharp turns and reduce speed to gain greater control over your vehicle. 

  • Animal Crossings

    Though rare, animal crossings are guaranteed to cause an accident when mixed with misfortune at times. Animals are unknowingly crossing street and unaware of risk of passing vehicles which makes it hard for drivers as well and even worse with low vision and associated with high speed. 

If ever one of your family members or closests friend has been involved in an accident who have sustained either minor or significant injuries and even a possible case of amputation because of possibly a driver has shown apparent negligence and recklessness and caused an accident and render the victim to have life-threatening injuries and condition, you can always refer help from a professional experienced injury lawyer to smoothen things out as your hired lawyers can help you decide from their factual and legal advices and can help you sort things out legally rather than settling over cash offer without damage calculation and future's regards. 

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